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Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile E3 2004 Impressions

This ancient city-building game is being made by the same folks responsible for Caesar and Pharaoh.


If Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile reminds you of Impression’s ancient-city-building games Caesar and Pharaoh, there’s a good reason for it. Children of the Nile is being developed by Tilted Mill, a group of former Impressions employees who have gone back to the drawing board to reinvent the genre.

Tilted Mill licensed the 3D graphics engine used for the original Empire Earth, and the game has a very pretty look to it. More importantly, the new engine allows the citizens in your city to exhibit individuality, which is something that fans of the Pharaoh series have been asking for.

As Pharaoh, you have a paternalistic relationship with your people. You have to address their wants and needs for your kingdom to become successful and powerful. You’ll also need a powerful city to build your monuments and, most importantly, your tomb. You’ll actually command a dynasty, and it’s important for your prestige for the pharaohs in your family to be buried in style, most preferably in massive pyramids.

You’ll be able to expand your power over the entire Nile if you play your cards right, and a strategic portion of the game will allow you to both establish colonies and build forts to expand your domain. But at the heart of the game is city management, which promises to be more full-featured than ever, while, at the same time, also remaining user-friendly.

We should have more on Children of the Nile later on, but for now, you can expect the game to ship around October or November.

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