Illinois gov to keep fighting violent games

After the state's game restriction laws were declared unconstitutional, Governor Rod Blagojevich vows to appeal ruling, begin grassroots efforts.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

While a federal judge on Friday declared Illinois' restrictive laws on violent and sexually explicit games unconstitutional, state governor Rod Blagojevich isn't ready to let the issue drop.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Blagojevich has vowed to start a "multipronged effort" to continue his fight against the gaming industry. In addition to appealing the federal court ruling, Blagojevich said he would start grassroots efforts to put pressure on retailers who stock objectionable games.

"This crusade against violent video games is something a lot of moms and dads are going to want to participate in, and express their views on the appropriateness of merchants who would peddle pornographic and violent garbage to their kids," Blagojevich is quoted as saying.

The Violent Video Games Law and the Sexually Explicit Video Games Law, introduced last December by Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia (D-Aurora), were set to go into effect January 1, 2006. Had they stood, the laws would have limited the sale and/or rental of games with violent and sexually explicit content. Retailers caught renting or selling such games to persons 18 or under would have been fined up to $1,000 for violating the statute.

The governor said he will work with Hillary Clinton on her announced federal legislation to make sure it passes into law. In the meantime, he intends to refine the Illinois laws, predicting that his efforts will win out in the end.

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:evil: These idiot diaper-wearing old men(That's what the Government consists of anymore) won't leave our video games alone! It should be up to the Parents to decide what is right for there children. There is no one to blame but the parents since they don't even look carefully at what their kids are doing. Note to Government and Parents: Videogames are not just for kids anymore. Stop partying and start paying attention to your kids!!!

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Rod Blagojevich is a complete retard. I live in Belvidere, IL and all I ever hear is his idealistic stupidity on just about everything...he knows his time as governor is gonna be up soon, and there's no way in hell he's gonna get re-elected. His peers even bash him constantly, he's all talk and no substance/

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Bah! im from Illinois, too bad this doesnt effect me!

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I'm still failing to see the issue here, you have to be 17 to watch naked people and killing and such at the movies and that seems to be ok, so what's the problem with being 17 and seeing the SAME thing in video games. This is why we have little leagues and big leagues people. You don't see a 8 year old playing in the NFL cuz he would have his hacky SACKED!! if you know what i mean. Just because it's a game does not mean it's for kids, just put the violent ones in a glass case like they do guns and show proper ID for them. They NEVER said these games were for younger kids.....this will get thrown out. If we can survive prohibition than this will most certainly will cease to be a problem. THey say killing is wrong in games like they invented or something. Does this mean caveman, or the people who enslaved black people, or ANY war for that matter was inspired by video games?? Video Games did not invent the gun, the gun invented the video game.

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You know this all started with the San Andreas thing, and I've been thinking... how could they have found that out if they wern't looking on the internet for that kinda thing themselves...

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Whats next, a non-violent/sexual/any bad things game rated AO because it is a game?

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Us gamers that can vote are going to be more vocal to these people that were going to vote their ass out of office if they keep screwing with our games.

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These people need to chill with all this. There are more important things to be concerned with then violent games. Make it so that violent games can't be purchased by under age children without parents permission, oh wait that already exist. The government needs to worry about the war, terrorism, rapes and murders. Once we have that under control, I'll care about violent games. I think the only way to stop children from playing violent video games is to have the parents control what games there children play.

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If all the gamers here who have shouted loudest --- about how stupid these politicians are in trying to regulate the industry --- exercised their right to vote (if they are able to) then these politicians will back off their more serious rhetoric and work with the industry. It's fine to call these politicians stupid, but unless gamers of age decide to do something constructively to counter them then their viewpoints and arguments will be the only ones heard by the general public. I have to grudgingly admire these politicians on picking on the one industry whose main constituents has been described as some of the more politically apathetic people there is.

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*adds Rod Blagojevich to ignore list*

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This needs to stop. Politicians don't give a crap about saving the youth from violent videogames. They only care about the votes and the press exposure they get for battling the videogame industry. Pathetic!

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Sigh, people. They are not banning games, they are not censoring games, they are not destroying games. All they want is to prevent minors from playing M rated games.

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sorry about the second post, but gamers really have nothing to fear. the same thing happended with some art, the same thing happened with cinema, the same thing happened with pornography, the same thing happened everything. its just some ppl who are trying to blame the decline of society on other things, when realyy the route of the problem is themselves. and look how cinema and porno game out of it all. better and stronger than ever :)

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i wonder if these mrons actually have ever played these 'violent and pornographic trash'. perhaps if they tok the time to revel in the technical prowess, the beauty and immersiveness of some games they would change their minds, or perhaps they are so arrogant and stuborn they would still slander them. The point is that games are not only good fun, but scientifically proven to be good for u under the right circumstances. 1)playing a violent game is SCIENTIFICALLY proven to reduce stress, relax the body, and help get rid of some of that rage, the same way a punch bag does. 2)Many socio-scientists and biologists beleive that playing games in appropriate amounts is like exercise for the brain and CNS. this could lead to better puzzle solving (in the same way that crosswords help) and reaction times. 3)In theory u could actually learn something form playing games. b4 GT3 i didnt know how a car worked, having played it i can now identify many cars on the street, what kinda of engine it has, and how that engine works. i know why lowering the ride improves handling, etc etc. 4)many games are simply peices of art. i point to Ico, Shadow of the collosus, MGS etc 5) and finally, and possible most scary for these loons, games actually reflect human nature. 'my god, this game has sex in it' = 'my god, how do u think u got here?'. even the violent games show a part of all of us, or a part of society. why are ppl so scared of games, and art in general, when dipicts a undesribale part of themselves?

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Actually, the Federal Trade Commission reported that in 2004, unnattended minors were able to get access to R-rated movies 81% of the time, compared with 69% being able to get M-rated games.

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Responsibility remains with the parents ... know what your kids are playing ... know what your kids are buying ... like someone said earlier ... take an interest in your kids !! ... and WTH has pornography to do with so-called voilent games?

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I don't understand why this is such a big deal in the first place, it isn't prohibitting the sale of violent games to everyone, just minors. Maybe cause I'm an adult I just don't give a damn. We already don't allow people under 17 into Rated R movies right?

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I think that politicians are stupid. Thats why over half of the people don't vote.

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*Bangs head against desk* What the hell is wrong with these people? I dont think I can add antything to this that I havent written or been written by someone else before. I'm really just sick of these self righteous pricks, they are the same deranged people as those that propogated the McCarthy Era's twisted reign and the MPAA's predecessor's obscene censorship.

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these bastards seriously need to shut the hell up and trying to controll how people live, first its games that contain violence, then its books that contain violence, then its shows that contain violence, the goverment arent going to stop at games, its just a ploy to slowly get people to be controlled by the goverment itself, they wish to boss people around, they wish to tell people how to run their lives, what they can read, what they can play , what they can watch, im sick of this crap.

Avatar image for Night_Frost

What's point in trying to censor violent video games? they tried to shut Mortal Kombat in the 90s and failed, again at the beginning of 2000, and they too failed, what's the point? It's their fault kids at age 10 are playing Doom 3 or GTA or God of War, if they actually did their job as parents, this whole issue won't be up in the air and second, it was Rockstar's fault for putting that sex minigame in GTA: SA, which sparked this topic

Avatar image for dudeeemadudbomb

The illinois government must be pretty dumb.

Avatar image for AznDestoryer2

What is wrong with these idiots When a very violent movie/tv show/book/music comes out, they blame it on video games or nothing, when a violent/sexual game comes, they ban it and try to ban games, i played halo and do i go out and kill anyone, NO. I just play it, i never do it in real life, the parents have to stop their kids from playing it besides complaining that GAMES SHOULD BE BANNED OR WE SHOULD END THE GAMING INDUSTRY, WHAT ABOUT MOVIES, TV, MUSIC, OR BOOKS, A person who owns a store will allow a 10 year old kid to buy American psycho which has porno and violence(alot) and wont allow GTA or Halo. I say that they should also focus on the other industries instead of video gaming industry.

Avatar image for HeroofDark

OMFGWTF! I am appalled that the governor is saying that violent games are being "peddled" to kids. They are NOT! if they were, the commercials would be on something like Nickelodeon. The closest they come is during Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. That's all. Also, why are the parents fighting for it to be passed? Are they too LAZY to get out and checkwhat games their kids are buying? It disgusts me.

Avatar image for ZippyDSMLee

*rolls eyes* its the same dribble they have been whineing about for decadfes they tried to ban books once to you know,moives came next then TV and now the new media star video games...if thier is no law agist a retailer selling a minor a R+ reated video/music then thre should be NONE for video games. Now if they want to make it a fineable officne to sell R+ videos/music and video games to minors 100 a pop that sounds fine to me,but I dont think thier valor is stiff enough to satisife thier hollywood backers.

Avatar image for FourSwordsx4

All this is is a ploy for the governor to get more votes. He really doesn't give a damn about videogames. Parenting should be the goddamn PARENT's job, not the government's. I think it's sick that these polititians are taking advantage of incidents like Columbine just to get more support. And it's hypocritial that they are going after games only. Hey morons, guess what? There is more violent and sexually explicit content in movies and music.

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Remember that guns don't kill people. People kill people, but that's a whole other issue. Anyway let's get to the crux of this arguement. A parent has the ultimate authority to say what should and shouldn't be viewed or played by their child. I know first hand of a set of parents that did not allow their kids to watch "Jurassic Park" because they had deemed it to violent and scary and the kids were 13 years old and the movie was PG-13. Are the parents wrong to take that course of action? In my opinion no. Because like I said before as a child; as long as you are not paying rent and living under your parents roof what they say goes period. Because as a kid you don't have rights until you pay the light bill or move out and pay rent. So if they say no PG-13 movie live with it. If you can't play GTA because your folks said so deal with until your out of the house or until they deem it ok. On the other hand if your parent says it's ok to play GTA at the age of 12, more power to you because it's fine either way. But you can't honestly tell me that a parent who buys GTA for their 12 year old knows what the content is. So that is why ESRB has been doing a great job and I think more parents need to pay attention to game ratings as much as they do movie ratings. No amount of legislation or assembling a board to over see is going to stop the production of movies or games because of content, but i also believe that game developers and moviemakers for that matter have a responsibility to their audience to provide that type of said material in context of the material and not to be gory just to be gory or have it be full of sex just to have sex to push the envelope because when things like that happen the public will no longer respect your message if there was one to begin with. Last time I checked this is the U.S.A. not communist Red China.

Avatar image for MiKaNoH

some governors on USA are stupids but if you see the governors here in will die to example, the president of Brazil is a drunk,stupid and without study man and don't have the minor finger of the right hand. the governors,the president and the mayors of Brazil only care about violent or(and)sexual games if in the game have a stage or mission in Brazil, specially in PCs, in consoles they dont care so much like with the stages of SOCOM II in the slums of Rio de Janeiro(my city, and for you know, the city isnt poor everywhere, is only the slums)but with PCs, Counter Strike for example, they banned the game for a time in Brazil but it came back to be legal a time later... and for you, minors, if you want to buy a violent(sexual is not nice to buy for kids but for 16+ dont have problem...)game and your parents give permission, just leave your parents buy for you...but if your parents dont give permission you can just.........have hope,pray or try to convince your parents that no have problem to play these kinds of game...

Avatar image for E-Raccoon

Like I said, The govt is nothin but nerds Come on! The court already said Hiliry's little law game is bull. In the name of God cant these polititions shut the heck up already.The Court guys who rejected Hilary's bull are the only ones who are cool in the govt. I bet they never even play games.Come on, Ive played all sorts of games.When I borrowed RE4, I didnt feel any different. In fact it helped. Thats why I aint afraid to say the govt sucks. Im a happier guy thanx to games. I bet Hilary never even got a date and she took her cousin to senior prom.

Avatar image for dagon90

I agree with elvis (pg.1) gonzales shut up. These people base EVERYTHING that comes out of their mouths on educated guesses. And they're not even good guesses. And even if they pass this law in CT, where I reside, I will still play GTA. I will still play Brothers in Arms. Its gonna happen one way or another. And the worst part is, it's not even the gamers fault. It's the parents. On GTA, it clearly states violence, language, sexuality, yada, yada. If these parents don't see that, then they aren't fit to be parents. Why can't these people leave us alone? I sat Jack Thompson down, slapped him upside the head (To make me feel better), put San Andreas on, he would become a video game junkie. Thats how flawed these people are. Their logic is even worse. Thompson, Clinton, see you in hell.

Avatar image for gonzalezj1

It's not Governor Blagojevich's fault. It's quite obvious that he's getting his orders directly from God. And who are we to question God?

Avatar image for umbrae

Funny how every politician (both Donkeys and Elephants) find the time to hound the video game industry. Yet no one thinks to do things like restrict gun sales. They want to make it illegal to sell Grand Theft Auto, while making it legal to buy the uzi people might use to act the games out. Sounds like they need to pull that thumb out of their behind and actually start doing something that makes a difference.

Avatar image for CSM55

Last I checked, censorship is UN-American

Avatar image for YukoAsho

Yes, the industry has done an admirable job in the courts, and all the mountains of precedent will help us the way it helped the rap industry when the issue is finally presented before the Surpreme Court. However, I have a theory. Democrats seem to have confused the people who make the most noise as being the most people. Now, while I don't necessarily like the Republicans, I can see them gaining a nice windfall of younger voters (something both parties desperately need) with their promise of less government involvement. It's been the downfall of the Democrats for the better part of the last ten or so years. Give it time, this fool and the rest will be put down, either by new Democrats who have figured out that they can't suppress freedom of speach without the wrath of the country, or by other parties (including Republicans) who will happily profit off the Democrats' incompetance. So, people of Illinois, when the election for Govenor rolls around, register early and vote early. That way, the next govenor will learn to leave video games alone. Oh, and a side note to the people of California: it does suck to have one of the few liberal Republicans in that party, doesn't it?

Avatar image for ArmoredAshes

One more thing....remember when the government put a ban on alcohol? remember waht happened? people drank anyways....whats gonna stop kids from some thing far less harmless? politicians should really just sit donw and play some freaking video games for yourselves

Avatar image for ArmoredAshes

You know what im really starting to get fed up with all this crap....this is the reason there is violence, Because the stupid government officials get some statistic on ONE GAME and think it applies to all M rated games. So they will screw it up for the rest of us. And so what if kids play these games?.....why try to impose a law that will help lazy parents? As i have said in previous posts on this matter i know alot of hard working adults that have kids and they still manage to over see what their kids do. THIS IS A PARENTS JOB NOT THE GOVERNMENTS! Personally i know my parents wont give a !@#$ about this whole video game tyraid because they know how to SUPERVISE their kids...instead of laying arround drinking...and im not saying thats waht all the other parents are doing instead of doing their job....but (yet again from a previous post) take some time out of your Tv shows and football games to make sure your kids are developing right...because you will only have them for sooo many years.

Avatar image for Father_Time89

Well at least the industry is defending itself.

Avatar image for Father_Time89

"Blagojevich said he would start grassroots efforts to put pressure on retailers who stock objectionable games" Does that mean he will try to convince retailers not to stock violent games? If that is true then he obviously doesn't know anything about video games. If a game store didn't sell M games they would lose a lot of money.

Avatar image for Eglsgmr7

Jeez, when will they get it? They don't have the right to censor games. If it is so terrible, then go ahead and give it a mature/adult rating. I don't really see a problem with a law against selling certain games to minors. If you don't think it is so bad then ask your parents to get it for you. Mom/Dad, the information is on the stinkin' box. If you don't think it is suitable for your child, then don't let them have it. Get involved with it. That way there will be no one to blame but yourselves.

Avatar image for mikekare79

Is this really the biggest problem in IL? I have to move there if all they have to do is waste time on things like this.

Avatar image for xDarkSeraphimX

Yeah this really is ridiculous. Video games, movies, books, television, my parent's bedroom - they all have violence and they all have sex. Realistically, they all serve to temper our inner violent natures, as per Freud's theory of aggressive displacement. At any rate, at least the Judges of this country are not yet as stupid as everyone else.

Avatar image for Da_Nameless_One

So what if little jonhny wants to buy GTA:SA? Don

Avatar image for LancerVI

It all comes down to personal responsibility. This is the basic argument of politics in this age boiled down to one statement: "Either you feel that the government is the solution to your problems or you don't." Some politicians have built a huge following with the "down trodden

Avatar image for civilmiddle88

Politicians love a issue to granstand on. I mean lets face it games are violent. Ok very violent. But so is the Movie, tv and music industry. However those are so powerful that no one can touch them. Picture Hillery saying that movies are too violent and 12 year olds should not be able to see pg-13 rated movies. Its not gonna happen 'cus she'd lose most of her campaign funding. I mean when do you feel more angry or violent ,after playing halo or listening to a 50 cent song or watching a r-rated action flick? So if the politicians want to look concerned thay need to attack all industrys or just shut up. And also, mis clinton, a LOT of gamers can vote, and I promise ya, you've lost quite a few votes. The game industry needs to get tougher and not let its self get picked on. Movies at first were under government censorship. But the industry said buz off. Games(and gamers) need to follow suit.

Avatar image for mcerickson

I agree that banning games would be illegal, but I personally would like to see a decrease in the amount of games with extreme content. If these are the only types of games out there, what choice will we have? I personally don't play M rated games so that my kids in the future won't want to play them. So for me, it's hard to find a fun game with T ratings, especially FPS titles. From what I hear, games like GTA should be rated AO because it is so much over the top of other games like Halo as project343 said. As a parent, I can control what my kids play in my house, but what about the neighbor's house? Again, if all the fun FPS games are M rated, what choice do I or my kids have?

Avatar image for jerico6

These idiots just won't give up!

Avatar image for Gokuja

all this is just tryin to cover up the fact that this world can be bad, we have people killing, raping, stealing; along with all the other horrid crimes. While we dont have zombies or usually anything that games have, games arent gonna make kids violent. Parents and childrens social life can, but not games. The USA is a representative democracy last time i checked, but all these half*** governors aren't doing such. Instead of siding with people who hate video games and probably havent played one in their life, they should listen to people who play. you can't give credability so someone who doesnt have an ounce of it. But if the majority of the gaming community agree'd that video games are too violent, then you'd have a good case. I havent played every bloody and gory game to date, but I've played alot of violent games. Parents could easily keep their kid from getting such games, and most important TALK to your damn kid about the difference between a video game and life. Even though i could go on and on about this, the main issue i see with laws today is the age. You shouldnt have to be 18 to purchase an M rated game. Your responsible enough at age 16, maybe 15 to not reinact anything you see on a game. How can people that are 35+ yrs old put laws on something they dont understand. The responsibility lies with the parents and the kids, no one is too blame but the person who is doing the wrong, and making a video game with blood isnt wrong. Video games and life are 2 completely different things. If someone cuts a head of in a game, good job. But in real life, depending on the state, kill him!

Avatar image for misenhelter89

Give me a freaking break. Video games will not be outlawed. That would be the factor that causes people who play violent video games to become violent. I would love for Hillary to become president, but only if she doesn't peddle this videogame BS to people because it makes me sick.

Avatar image for Suddenstriker52

What's next? Are they going to ban Need for Speed games because it causes kids to diobay the laws of the road. Then Madden for causing fights. This is just the start of it. If this continues it will cause a total ban on video games.

Avatar image for Gunde

Obviously M-rated games should not be played by minors under the age of 17, but the real issue here is the demonization of the gaming industry. As Jeff said some time ago, where is the pro-gaming lobby? Is there even one? And if there is, they should be fired, because they're obviously not doing their job. If gaming is to grow into a really stable industry it really needs to be accepted generally and not be demonized. Though every medium goes through this at some point, when they make it through they'll be stronger and more stable. This is probably just a phase where politicians hope to gain cheap votes by going after something new and scary! ;)

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