Ikea And Asus' Republic Of Gamers Will Release A Gaming Furniture And Accessories Line

So far, no details on what type of furniture or accessories have been revealed.


Ikea and Republic of Gamers (ROG), Asus' PC gaming hardware and accessories line, will be releasing a new affordable gaming furniture and accessories line. The two companies plan to deliver around 30 products, starting in China in February 2021. Other Ikea markets will receive the items after October 2021.

So far, no details on what type of furniture or accessories have been revealed. But considering that ROG mainly carries PC gaming attachments and other related hardware, it could be a good bet that Ikea and ROG's collaborative gaming line skews more towards PC gaming items.

The new gaming line is being spearheaded by the Ikea Product Development Center in Shanghai. Ikea and ROG emphasize that as part of the design process, employees from both companies have held workshops together with professional gamers and other people who love games.

Global business leader of workspace Ewa Rychert stated that Ikea hopes to create a line that emphasizes the positive benefits of gaming and the way it enhances home life. "There are a lot of existing conventions about gaming which are often stereotypical or negative, for example, all the games are built on violence, gaming is asocial and it is predominantly a men’s activity," he said.

"In fact, figures show that gaming is among the most truly cross-demographic activities, and it can improve an individual's mental health and general well-being. It's a source of relaxation, independence, fun; through gaming, people develop skills within problem solving, teamwork and communication. Playing games also provides a new way of connecting with others which has become even more important recently to feel connected remotely. We hope that the new gaming range will help to embrace and enable the benefits of gaming in life at home."

We'll have to wait until 2021 to see what Ikea and ROG's gaming furniture vision looks like. But in the meantime, if you're looking for gear, you can check out our roundup of the best cheap gaming chairs and best gaming desks.

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Holy crap this is GREAT NEWS..

~1st of all most married Gamers are always either ducking out of going to Ikea or forced to go on a saturday..

Why do they go you ask= it' strategy!

How else do you think that gamer is gaming till 3:00 am on a saturday night..

By putting in work earlier!

Whatevs,,,i had this mastered early 2000's when we we're still engaged at 20. ;D

***But Ikea & Asus is a win win for gamers..

For 1 Asus is a good company that doesn't nickel & dime it's customers.

I'm on my 2nd Asus PC because of how awesome my 1st one was.

(Only issue i ever had was overheating and it's weirdly shuts off my internet & i have to reboot.

New Fan 1/2 fixed it..

The other half was me ghetto-rigging a little bedside fan onto with a chip-clip ;D

whatever works eh..

**My hope is for some cool Computer desks..

Nothing beats the HUUUGE Rectangle desk with just the M+K on the desk & tower on the floor with HDMI coming up through a drilled hole..

Once you have a huge rectangle basic desk i don't think you can go back to that little tiny design...

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