IHRA Drag Racing

Bethesda's IHRA Drag Racing will be a realistic driving simulation based on the cars, drivers, and races of the International Hot Rod Association. The game will feature nine different tracks, 50 hot rods, and 70 customizable car parts and accessories.


IHRA DRag Racing

IHRA Drag Racing is the successor to Bethesda's popular drag-racing game, Hot Rod Magazine Championship Drag Racing. IHRA Drag Racing will be a painstakingly realistic simulation of racing in the International Hot Rod series. The game will include a number of officially sanctioned tracks and cars, as well as options for both quarter- and eighth-mile racing.

IHRA Drag Racing is based on the actual racing, drivers, and cars of the International Hot Rod Association, an organization that's been around for three decades and counting. The IHRA routinely broadcasts its races on the TNN and ESPN sports channels. IHRA Drag Racing will bring all the realistic excitement of the televised races home.

The game itself will include nine different officially sanctioned racetracks, such as Darlington International Dragway in South Carolina and the New York International Raceway Park. Each of the in-game tracks will be modeled after the actual real-world tracks, as will the game's 50 different drag-racing hot rods. IHRA Drag Racing will also include the different divisions of IHRA racing, including pro stock, top fuel, and alcohol funny car. In addition, you'll be able to augment, tweak, and customize your hot rod with more than 70 different add-ons, including tires, transmission, suspension, and more.

Drag-racing fans won't have to wait long for IHRA Drag Racing - the game is scheduled for a second-quarter release this year.

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