Ignition announces Lotus Extreme for GameCube

Ignition announces that it will release the GameCube version of Kuju's Lotus-themed driving simulation game in North America next month.


Ignition Entertainment recently updated its official Web site with word that it plans to publish Lotus Extreme for the GameCube in North America next month. PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions of the Lotus-themed driving simulation game, which was developed by Kuju Entertainment, are already available, but they carry the title of Lotus Challenge.

In Lotus Challenge, players will assume the role of a Lotus team driver and put their driving skills to the test in five different gameplay modes, including championship, single play, multiplayer, collection, and a stunt-based challenge mode. The game will feature a total of 38 different Lotus cars, all featuring realistic handling and damage.

We'll bring you more information on Lotus Extreme as soon as it becomes available.

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