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IGF Spotlight: Glid, Super Crate Box

We take a look at Seamus McNally Grand Prize Honorable Mention Super Crate Box and Student Showcase Finalist Glid. Check them out!


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Super Crate Box is a 2D shooter that is reminiscent of classic arcade games. In it, you take control of your character, which changes every time you start, and you have one goal: Collect as many crates as possible before dying. There are currently three maps you can choose from, with each map having various crate collection requirements to unlock the next weapon or character.

Super Crate Box
Super Crate Box

While the premise of this game is fairly simple, you will instantly find yourself hooked on playing it for hours. This is due in part to the fast respawn rate, as well as the multitude of weapons you have at your disposal for killing enemies. I personally would love to see a multiplayer aspect added to this game. But as it is now, it is an addictive single-player experience that I recommend checking out, especially for those with a fond nostalgia for old-school arcade games.

Glid is an exploration game, where you take control of a spider robot-like creature and must use its webs and wings to restore the world. I got to play through two levels of the demo I tried at GDC. Before even playing it, I was taken aback by how gorgeous the game looked. It gave off the feeling of having a painting come to life. The controls to this game are fairly simple. You use the A button to move left and the D button to move right while pressing the W button to utilize your wings. The mouse controls the webs, which is what you will use to navigate the majority of the levels. There are also checkpoints throughout the level in case you land in the water and die.


The goal of this game is to restore the world, and to do so, you must collect the various seeds dispersed throughout the level. As of now, both available levels are water levels, but the developers have told me there are plans to make more types of levels as well, such as an ice one. I am already amazed with where this game is at with just four months of development, so I am excited to see how far this game will come along in the next few months. While there is no playable build online yet, it will definitely be worth the wait when it gets released. For more games like this, check out the Downloads blog on GameSpot.

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