IGA putting ads into Counter-Strike

Valve signs agreement for its popular online first-person shooter with the in-game advertising firm that worked on Battlefield 2142.


In-game ad firm IGA Worldwide announced today that it landed one of the biggest fish in the online gaming pond, signing an exclusive agreement with Valve to provide dynamic advertising to the first-person shooter Counter-Strike. IGA Worldwide hasn't said what form its ads will take in Counter-Strike or when they will first begin appearing. The firm most recently found itself in gamers' crosshairs after a disclaimer about the company's in-game ad technology was included in boxed copies of Electronic Arts' Battlefield 2142. When users claimed the disclaimer was a cover for installing spyware on users' machines, IGA CEO Justin Townsend strenuously denied the accusation and said the only data the company retrieves from a user's computer has to do with where they live (so localized ads can be targeted), as well as what ads they see, how large, and from which angle.

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