If Zack Snyder Did A Justice League Sequel, It Would Include The New Gods

Snyder shares how the four-hour epic was part of a grander narrative and arc.


Zack Snyder's Justice League is finally out, which now ushers in the era of the director both being asked and speaking frankly about his previous plans for a sequel--and whether they have any bearing on current plans for one. In a recent interview streamed live on YouTube with Wonder Meg, a channel "dedicated to all the nerdy things," Snyder was asked exactly this by the titular Megan.

To which, Snyder replied: "All of the New Gods would be rolling in at some point. In the full invasion of Earth… I think you'd have to go full pedal-to-the-metal with the New Gods at that point. 'Cause the third movie is a New Gods invasion movie in a lot of ways."

Unfortunately, Snyder didn't get into any deeper specifics. Beyond what was discussed in passing, even if Snyder won't get a chance to tackle a New Gods story, Emmy-winner Ava DuVernay (Selma, When They See Us) will. Way back in 2019, it was announced that DuVernay would be teaming up with Batman writer Tom King on a New Gods film from a script the pair co-wrote. In another recent YouTube interview, Snyder told The Minutemen in February that his version of Justice League would "tease" at the New Gods with "the implication that the rest of them are there… in this movie you see DeSaad, you see Darkseid, you see one other in the throne room of Apokolips."

Meanwhile, on the day of its release, Zack Snyder's Justice League has reportedly been in so much demand that it crashed HBO in Asia.

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