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If Square Enix Designed Captain America

Captain America gets a makeover for Final Fantasy publisher's "Play Arts Kai" figure line. .


Iconic superhero Captain America is the latest to get the "Play Arts Kai" treatment from Square Enix.

The figure was originally announced at Comic-Con last month, but only in prototype form. Now, we see him in full color. As you can see in the images here from Toy Ark, Captain America retains his trademark look, but he's more angular than ever.

Captain America's variant figure is not as eye-catching as some of the previous ones, like Final Fantasy designer Tetsuya Nomura's take on Catwoman. But I'd still say it's a pretty nice-looking model.

A release date for the Captain America figure was not announced, and there's no word on pricing. But these figures usually run in the $80-$120 range. Do you like the design? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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