If Pokemon Were Canadian

An artist drew some Canadian Pokemon based on some of the True North's favourite things.


[UPDATE] Artist Darren Calvert has drawn more Canadian Pokemon. The three Pokemon are Moople, a moose made of maple syrup; Newfie, a Newfoundland dog; and Aboot, a joke on how Canadians say "about." We've updated the tweet below to include them. The original story follows.

Canada is a strange land where they pay with "loonies," drink coffee with twice the amount of sugar and cream, and put gravy AND cheese curds on fries--I know this because I'm from there. Now, an artist has created some Canadian Pokemon based on some of the country's favourite things. You can see them in the tweet below.

Freelance illustrator Darren Calvert posted the art to Twitter. He took inspiration from some of Canada's most iconic stuff, such as the loon that appears on the dollar coin, Tim Horton's Double-Double coffee, and poutine.

Calvert also drew Pokemon based on hockey pucks and SCTV's Bob and Doug--there's even a Pokemon that represents the term "hoser," which the two comedic characters popularized. As a Canadian, I want to see a whole game based around Pokemon from the True North Strong and Free.

You can check out more of Calvert's work on his website.

This isn't the only fan art to imagine Pokemon in a different light. Artist Chris Perez drew Overwatch heroes as Pokemon trainers, complete with the creatures he think they'd have.

Additionally, we've seen some excellent fan art of other games recently as well. Ástor Alexander reimagined The Witcher 3 as a noir detective thriller, and it looks amazing.

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