If Overwatch Heroes Were Pokemon Trainers

An artist has drawn Overwatch heroes with the Pokemon that fit them best.


Overwatch doesn't share many similarities with Pokemon, but that didn't stop artist Chris Perez from imagining the first-person shooter's heroes as Pokemon trainers (via SegmentNext).

Perez drew all 21 heroes, each with their own Pokemon, in the style of the monster-collecting game. Each drawing shows the Overwatch heroes before a fight, challenging the player. You can see Tracer teamed up with Pikachu, Pharah fighting alongside Lucario, and more in the pictures below. You can also see many more Overwatch hero-Pokemon combinations at Perez's Tumblr page.

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This isn't the first fanmade Overwatch creation. Someone modded Tracer into Street Fighter V, so you can now fight as the time-manipulating speedster. Another fan created a fantastic anime intro for Blizzard's first-person shooter that makes us wish there was a proper Overwatch anime.

In Overwatch news, game director Jeff Kaplan recently discussed some of the changes we'd see when Competitive Play mode launches later this month. He's also talked about some of the new heroes and maps they're working on, including one that's "amazing yet a total disaster at the same time."

McCree and Widowmaker players may be a little bummed out now, as an update that nerfs both characters' damage is now live. Additionally, Overwatch has hit a milestone: the first-person shooter now has over 10 million players.

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