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If Lies of P Isn't Bloodborne-y Enough, Modders Are Adding Bloodborne Weapons And Armor

Just try not to succumb to the madness this time.


If you thought the upcoming Souls-like game Lies of P looked a lot like Bloodborne, then you're not alone. A modding team known as Garden of Eyes has decided to add Bloodborne gear to Lies of P for PC players.

As shown in its trailer, instead of loading in as Pinocchio, you spawn as The Hunter with weapons straight out of Bloodborne. Currently, the only way to get the mod is to join the group's Patreon. The mod can be used in the Lies of P demo and lets you use the following items: Hunter Attire, Saw Cleaver, and Ludwig's Holy Blade.

In a press release, the team members revealed that "they plan to expand upon the mod heavily when the full game is released." And once it's out, it will be a free mod. Garden of Eyes has a rich history of modding popular games. Much of its work involves Elden Ring, with mods bringing the worlds of God of War, Harry Potter, Sonic, and many more to the Lands Between.

Lies of P is slated to launch on September 19 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC, as well as Game Pass. For more Lies of P content, check out our preorder guide and our story covering everything we know about the game.

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