If GTA Was Designed Like a Pokemon Game It Might Look Like This

"Claude used a baseball bat!"


YouTuber Hat-Loving Gamer, who imagines popular gaming franchises as if they were Pokemon games, has uploaded a new video. This one takes on Grand Theft Auto--and it's pretty great.

It has car-jacking, traditional Pokemon-style battles (with a GTA flair, of course), star ratings represented by Staryu, and even visits to prostitutes. Characters from across the GTA universe, including Tommy, CJ, Niko, Trevor, and Roman all make appearances. Check it out:

You can watch Hat-Loving Gamer's other videos here on YouTube.

In other news about fan-made Grand Theft Auto videos, you can watch the Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show intro recreated in Grand Theft Auto V.

As for GTA V itself, the game's GTA Online mode recently enjoyed its best week ever in terms of revenue and the number of people playing it. That could explain why GTA V single-player DLC is nowhere to be seen.

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This is awesome, great job to whoever created this. Too funny.

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Poor Roman XD

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really awesomee

the Billie jean retro song was dope

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Truly an awesome video. Well done ^_^

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Oh god that was great. The part when Roman and Niko came in had me rolling.

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How about a GTA style pokemon...where you walk around apart of Team Rocket and steal people's pokemon. That's pushing it but you get the gist lol.

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GTA online

Home to screaming kids who murder every single person they see

Makes some people worried about the future of our children

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@rosinmonkekyx17: there is a solution for that don't buy $hit for kids even if they throw a tantrum. sometime when I play call of duty or any games involving mutilation and my little cousin or nephews see me play I kick them out of my room for 2 important reason 1 they are small and impressionable and 2 is my console and I am not going to let a spoil @ss kid break my $shit which cost me $400 + games and controllers. Sure they go and tell on my family but here is the deal when my family tell me to let them play those games, I just tell them what kind of dumb @ss let kids play those games when they are less that 13 yrs old and they stay quite. by this you sure as heck know i am not that well like by my family but I don't care just as I need them they need me plus they always putting a show in front of my parets.

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@drake08: Well, there are some really stupid parents out there mate

And there's nothing anyone of us can do

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@rosinmonkekyx17: You speak the truth man, does guys/parents don't realize what they are cultivating for the future. I mean if you want a higher chance to have a well behave, caring and smart kid you need to put effort into raising him and show him what right and wrong. when I was growing up my friends would get 50 dollar allowance while me I would only get 5 dollars sometimes my friend would come to my house and show me a lot of cool toys that their parent bought them at the time i was jealous of them and i would go and beg my parents to buy me toys and this is what my dad told me i don't have the money to be buying something that you are just going to be using for a couple of hours and then forget about it, if you want to buy something use your own money which I did it took me long to safe money but it felt great buying something that couldn't be taken from me my dad was that kind of dad if you buy it you own it. Now as I grew up I notice that my friends only got stuff because their parents really didn't put to much attention to them and that my father was giving me something better than a toy he was giving my brother and I a roof over our head along with TV, food, education and attention like teaching us what to do, heck he even gave us the best advice ever never to fight with our female counter parts like if we were arguing with a girl or our mother just said sure and nod our head, like my mom needed the garbage taken out just nod your head even if we weren't going to really do it lol good times.

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GTA + Pokemon = Earthbound