IEM Shanghai champion Revival leaves EG

The Korean zerg player recruited by EG earlier in the year to bolster its Proleague endevaour, Revival, has today announced that he's leaving the US-based organisation.


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Earlier in the day, Kim "RevivaL" Dong Hyun edited his Twitter-ID from "EGRevival" to "SC2Revival", when asked about his change of handle during a streaming session and whether or not it meant that he'd be leaving team Evil Geniuses by user "elite3284", the Korean zerg confirmed that he had indeed left the organisation.

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Revival's initial role as a contributor to EG-TL's proleague roster turned out to be less than fruitful as he held a 8-16 record in the league. His success would instead by found in individual tournaments, primarily IEM Shanghai where he claimed 1st place after defeating team mate Oz in the grand finals with a very impressive 4-0 sweep. WCS America S1 was also a success for the zerg, where he finished in 2nd place after being toppled by Team Liquid's HerO in the finals of the event.

What this in and of itself will yield for EG's Korean initiative is uncertain. The team's biggest SC2-related star, Jaedong, renewed his contract with the organisation following his extremely successful 2013, but with the joint EG-TL venture, and subsequently the teams proleague ambitions seemingly over, it wouldn't be all too surprising if the majority of their Korean roster might be coming to a close.

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