id's Willits: 'Jury's still out on 3D'

Creative director of Rage declines to endorse stereoscopic games, is cautious about Microsoft and Sony's new motion-based control systems.



At a presentation of the upcoming multiplatform first-person shooter Rage, id Software creative director and Quake franchise veteran Tim Willits expressed his doubts about 3D gaming. With id's presentation following an Nvidia 3D Vision stage demonstration, Willits was asked what he thought of stereoscopic 3D games.

Not inspired by Borderlands.
Not inspired by Borderlands.

"The jury's still out on 3D," he said, going on to explain that the Rage development team's focus hadn't extended to considering 3D or the new PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 control systems, Move and Kinect. "They're much better than we expected them to be," said Willets, but he also mentioned that id was concentrating only on creating the best experience for "traditional" controllers.

The Rage presentation, at London's Eurogamer Expo, took in three areas of the gameworld--Wellspring, Dam Facility and Dead City--and touched on the item engineering system and vehicle combat. In response to a question from the audience, Willits denied that Rage's colourfully postapocalyptic gameworld drew inspiration from the ostensibly similar shooter Borderlands, emphasising Rage's "unique" features. "It's not set on an alien planet, so no, [it's not] the same," said Willits.

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