IDG kicks off support for E for All

Macworld staff talks up new consumer game show; sales team prepping, exhibitors already signed on?


A visit to the Macworld show office in San Francisco's Moscone Center yielded more than just long waits and slick copies of the event's guide. Also on the receptionist's desk in the show management office were the first signs of life emanating from IDG's upcoming consumer-oriented game show, the Entertainment for All Expo (E for All).

 The E for All postcard.
The E for All postcard.

Just last week, International Data Group, the trade-show powerhouse that owns Macworld, rechristened what had previously been known as GamePro Expo. But other than that news factoid, little has been revealed since the show was announced last November.

Today's sighting of a promotional postcard isn't much, but it does suggest the sales and promotion of the event is picking up momentum. In addition to the card, an oversize show-floor map of the Los Angeles Convention Center's South Hall could be seen hanging prominently on the wall of the IDG sales office in Moscone South.

One eye-catching element of the map was the small size of the booths as they were drawn on the display. As well, the absence of West and Kentia Hall maps raises questions as to the overall size of the E for All show. However, it could be that one of the two remaining halls will be used to house the event's gaming competition--a component of the show IDG has touted previously.

One reporter was told the configuration of the hall as represented on the wall chart was not to be interpreted as final, nor was it an indication of booth size limitations--either maximum or minimum. While there have been no official announcements from IDG, owners and producers of the E for All Expo, one source close to the project said eight significant exhibitors were confirmed.

E for All is scheduled for October 18 to 20.

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