Id working on all-new IP

Once Doom 3 is done, Carmack & Co. will begin work on an original game.


Rage: Campaign Edition

With the PC version of Doom 3 now officially due by the end of this summer, many gamers are wondering what id Software's next project will be. Other, more-cynical industry-watchers are already wagering how many years it will take to complete.

Last week, the first group got its answer--sort of. While speaking to Reuters at E3 last week, id CEO Todd Hollenshead let slip that id's team will begin work on its next project almost immediately after Doom 3 ships. He also revealed that the game would not be based on any earlier id-developed series, but rather it would be an entirely new "intellectual property," as the lawyers like to call it.

As for Doom 3, Hollenshead assured Reuters that the summer release date was firm--or at least as firm as a seasonal release window can be. "At this point, the team back in Mesquite [Texas] is literally working on finishing," he said.

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