id cofounder returns to Kickstarter

Commander Keen creator Tom Hall asking for $400,000 for Worlds of Wander platformer creation tool.


Commander Keen Episode I: Marooned on Mars

id Software cofounder Tom Hall has returned to Kickstarter for a platformer creation tool that will allow players to build and shares levels, worlds, and entire games. Hall today launched a campaign for Worlds of Wander, asking for $400,000 by March 1. The fund presently stands at $5,189 from 90 backers.

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To familiarize gamers with the new toolsuite, Hall will release a spiritual successor to Commander Keen as part of the campaign. This game will be called Secret Spaceship Club, and is said to be a return to the "quirky, funny, clever Tom Hall universe."

Joining Hall for the Worlds of Wander campaign is Chris Burke, lead designer on numerous titles, including The Sims 3: Life Moments, Ghost Recon Commander, and Hellgate.

This is not Hall's first try at Kickstarter. Last October, he teamed up with Brenda Romero (formerly Brenda Brathwaite) for an old-school role-playing game, though the project was canceled after attracting just a quarter of its $1 million target.

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