Iconic Star Wars Ships and Vehicles Invade GTA 5 in Latest Mod

See a Star Destroyer soar above Los Santos; and a Speeder-Bike zip around the city streets.


The great Grand Theft Auto V PC mods just keep coming. The latest example of the modding community's imagination and skill comes in the form of a mod that brings Star Wars ships and vehicles to Los Santos.

From YouTube user TwoDynamic, the highlight of the video is the massive Imperial Star Destroyer flying over the skies of the city. Its textures are a work-in-progress, but it's still a sight to behold. You'll also see an X34 Landspeeder and a Speeder-Bike, both of which look rad zipping around the streets of Los Santos.

Instructions for how to download the mods are available in the video's description. But be warned, mods have been used to distribute malware in the past, so you should always be careful.

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Via: VG247

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