Iconic Counter-Strike Map Dust2 Gets Revamped

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Dust2, one of the best-known Counter-Strike maps, has received an update in CS:GO. Described as an "updated, refined version" of the iconic map, the new version has quadruple the texture resolution compared to the original. The map looks brighter overall, along with fresh environmental effects such as worn walls and more.

Fans may be happy to learn that the structure and layout of the new Dust2 doesn't feature any major changes. This is intentional. Valve's three main pillars for redesigning Dust2 were:

  • Improve player readability throughout the map
  • Refine movement around the world including cover
  • Upgrade the visuals to be in line with modern maps

The B bomb site has been changed to move the busted car further away, "allowing a more free player flow around it," Valve said. Additionally, the bomb site itself is no longer on a raised surface, but instead on the same level as the rest of the area. Bomb site A is changed to remove drain pipes so players can peek around corners more easily. Additionally, the back wall's dark doorways are now completely gone.

All of these changes and more sound pretty welcome, except for one. The map's pizza parlours have been removed, replaced by dentist's offices. "Coincidence? Probably not," Valve said. You can play the new version of Dust2 right now through CS:GO's beta branch (find out how to do that here).

Go to Valve's blog here to see a full breakdown of the changes. You will also find there a number of detailed comparison images that show how much has changed.

CS: GO is one of the most popular games on Steam. Today it had more than 500,000 concurrent users, which is ahead of Valve's free-to-play juggernaut Dota 2.

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