Ico, Shadow of the Colossus producer leaves Sony

Developer of PlayStation 2 hits Kenji Kaido departs Tokyo game giant; involvement in The Last Guardian unclear.


Kenji Kaido, producer of Sony PlayStation 2 hits Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, left Sony earlier this month, the developer revealed today through his Twitter profile (via Andriasang). Kaido said he is currently on vacation, and his future work plans are not yet decided.

Sony has lost another noted developer.
Sony has lost another noted developer.

It is not clear if Kaido was contributing to Sony's long-in-development adventure game The Last Guardian while with Sony. Regardless, Kaido's departure from Sony follows that of another famed Japanese developer, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus producer Fumito Ueda, who left the company late last year.

Ueda remains attached to The Last Guardian as a contractor and appears to be heavily invested in the game. Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida said in February that Ueda probably works the longest hours of anyone on the project.

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Is PS 4 backwards compatible or dont we know yet?

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Can we get shadow of the colossus 2 for PS 4? I think on PS 4 they could really do the graphics justice.

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wonder if sony ticked him off with what they wanna do with The Last Guardian or something

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Didn't the other original producer staff left months ago way back? Back when the news was when they were asking(not sure it's sony or the dev team) for help from God of War developers?

Sad new for a very anticipated game with some work put in already.

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Sony don't waste big moneys now seems they are Wasting time and all money on ps4 so it's Not strange at all if you ask me.

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Oh no...

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Uh oh. To me it sounds like '' Hey Sony, can you get us more funding? The project won't advance. ''. '' No lol sorry no one wants your games unless it sells 5M copies.''

= Last Guardian, Ico and SoTC producer leaves.

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Maybe Sony does not want to spend too much money on the development of the Last Guardian game? So much for original games...

Why not join EA then try to dominate the gaming world?

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Yeah - things aren't looking good for Sony right now and they're cancelling projects left, right and centre atm.

Wouldn't surprise me if this one got canned.

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If this cycle had not extended for so long this game would probably have been cancelled already or turned into a PS4 game. The top brass leaving like this and such a long dev time does not bode well for this game though. @KSSuperhero GS or Kotaku did an article on why trademark lapsing is not a big deal, mainly because it's a legal point of having to use it within 3 years or it will lapse but then it can be reacquired easily, check it out.

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sad news RIP probably

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I dont believe at this point the last guardian will ever see the light of day. I thought I read something a couple of weeks ago about Sony letting the trade mark on the name go. Which if that is the case this game is already dead.

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Ahhh, so the article not so long ago talking about 'Last Guardian' "taking its time" and "it'll be ready when it's ready" has nothing to do with the fact Kenji Kaido has left? lol

Judging from this one would assume there is a few disagreements in the development team--or with the company in general. Or worse, problems with the game itself.

This leaves the game itself in a very worrying state. I hope it doesn't effect the final product, as I've been looking foward to this since announced....

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SIgh, oh well...

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The Last Guardian will be a PS4 show piece. It's going to show us what the system is capable of. We all know that when knew systems come out the games seem to get better looking. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, if you look at it today is pretty dated (still friggin' fun though). Fast foward a couple of years later after the tech matures, and take a look at Skyrim, MGS4, and Killzone 3. Huge difference.

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@scatterbrain007 Oblivion does look dated but its still one of the most awesome games of all time. You can say the same about MGS on PSOne too.

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The game is either vaporware or is just going to be awful. When a game is in development this long, the publisher usually gets tired of putting money in it and shelves it. no one even knows if they game will sell a million units to make up for development costs.

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@cursealoud Not that I'm waiting for this game but it does carry a certain feeling about it. the same guys brought two games out last gen with its considerably shorter life span and during this rediculasly long cycle... nothing to show. Kinda strange.

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the game is officially cancelled R.I.P The Last Guardian one of my most anticipated games :'(

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@Ossy_King_99 I am thinking you don't know what the word officially means...

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Oh well, get someone else.

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I hope PS4, allows us to play PS3 games!! because there are so many sweet games coming out at the end of 2013. It would be a shame if we could not play them on the new system

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Even though he's headed elsewhere, I hope Kenji Kaido's interest in video games lives on.

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Sad, but this does not affect Team ICO and Last Guardian in anyway as he was not involved with the project. I trust Sony they are doing the right thing instead of quickly releasing the game as it is, which many publishers tend to do.

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When two Passionate game developers walkout on a Project they felt passionate about, Sony isn't doing the right thing

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@servb0ts One walked on the Company not the project and is still working on the project. The other also walked out on the company and wasn't involved with the project get your facts straight.

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@servb0ts Excuse me? Just because two developers left, Sony is automatically on the crosshair of 'doing it wrong'. I'm sure people like David Cage, thatgamecompany's chen, Media Molecule, Naughty Dog have something entirely less to say.

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Oh dear...

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first FFVS13 and now this .... -.- japanese people need to wake up...

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@wrestlemaniaw Both this and Versus 13 are still being developed and will eventually see release.

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@zo70 @kiramasaki @firstclassgamer

How is Nintendo smart? They are willing to take risks on things that are new and different, that doesn't make them smart.

The 3DS was a terrible flop of a handheld and majority of its games are just ports of N64 games. The Wii had short term success but long term failure, Nintendo could not pump out any AAA titles for the Wii and majority of the games for the Wii relied on gimmicky use of its motion controls.

The Wii U is looking to be the same thing over again.

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@TomoEK9 You act like Sony's never Flopped, Both PSPGO& Vita flopped hard Vita's already on its expensive death bed, look at PS3 $600 dollar Price Flop.

atleast Nintendo had some pride and price cut 3DS now they're back in the Game, however Vita is still sinkingeven with Crossover Buy that won't save them.

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You are acting as if sony fired him. Have you given any thought that he possibly wanted to leave in order to pursue other projects?

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@TomoEK9 @zo70 If he did he didnt say it, so stop assuming it. He clearly said his future is undetermined. He's on vacation. It is a Sony fail because they keep funding Team ICO on a project that cant seem to get off the ground. They have yet to make a game this generation and Sony enables it. It is a Sony fail

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More bad news for this game. I really hope this game doesn't get cancelled, but it's future doesn't look so bright. I still have some hope left for this game.

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I bought a PS2 BECAUSE of Ico. Two years ago I almost bought a PS3 just because of The Last Guardian, but went with the 360 instead. I'm pretty happy with that decision....and I would STILL be waiting for the only game to make me want the system.

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@GinsuVictim Too bad because most Xbox360 games can be played on the pc... Now, on the other hand, the ps3 one's you can't.

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@Assemblent Red Dead Redemption, Dead Rising, Trials HD, and Alan Wake (until recently) were all games I wanted to play but couldn't on my PC. I have all the good ones that hit PC.

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@GinsuVictim I guess I'm the odd one then. There have been games I wanted to play on 360 and Wii, but I never bought the systems because I can either buy them on PC (360) or there were only three or four games I really wanted to play since the console was introduced (Wii). I don't buy systems BECAUSE of one game, I buy them on the promise that there will be multiple releases each year that I will want to play.

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@GinsuVictim Who buys a system for ONE game?

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@Tseng I said I was going to buy it BECAUSE of that one game, not that I was going to only own ONE game. If PS3 had better multi-plat support, I would have bought it, but it didn't. All I was saying is that up until TLG's trailer, I hadn't seen anything to make me want the system bad enough to buy one. Just like how it wasn't until I played the Ico demo at Walmart before I finally decided to buy a PS2, which I now own over 600 games for.

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@Tseng @GinsuVictim People with taste ofcourse.

I don't think you realise how many people bought a PS3 just because of MGS4...so I'm sure it isn't a bad thing after all.....

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@UsernameofDoom @Tseng @GinsuVictim

Exactly people have bought a game systems for one game and I bought ps2 and got one game to go with it and was devil may cry

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@UsernameofDoom @Tseng @GinsuVictim I approve of this message, I have brought a system for one game many times, with some to follow.

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Goodbye Last Guardian =/

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lol the last guardian was one of the reasons i bought the ps3.. :P i hope it doesn't get cancelled.. it would be a shame

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@handsomegamer Team Ico hasn't made a game YET for PS3, so I would assume that Last Guardian is a bust. Why would you buy a system for game that was ANNOUNCED and not yet RELEASED?

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@zo70 - True story.

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@SoreThumbsBill @zo70 - lol, you can lead a horse to water...

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@shantd @zo70

Don't worry about that jerk bro.

I believe you.