Ico, Last Guardian films being considered

Misher Entertainment production executive says more Team Ico adaptations could happen if Shadow of the Colossus is a box-office success.

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Team Ico's The Last Guardian received substantial play as part of the 2010 Tokyo Game Show, with Sony Computer Entertainment trotting out a new trailer (below) and a holiday 2011 release window for the anticipated action adventure. Gamers who liked what they saw may be pleased to know that should Sony Pictures' film adaptation of Team Ico's Shadow of the Colossus find success, a Last Guardian film is also on the table.

In an interview with movie blog Play Till Doomsday, Misher Entertainment production executive Kevin Ping Chang opened up the possibility of Ico and Last Guardian film adaptations as the possible start of an ongoing Team Ico franchise.

Only a few talented actors are qualified to play the role of the giant bird-dog.
Only a few talented actors are qualified to play the role of the giant bird-dog.

"[Team Ico head Fumito Ueda's] vision is amazing and despite those games not being literally a part of the same series, there is a spiritual connection between them," Chang said.

He continued, "It is certainly something we've fought for as a production company, making the case to both SCE and Sony Pictures and saying 'If Colossus works, this is a vision we can continue translating for at least two more episodes.' We would love to do that."

Released for the PlayStation 2 in September 2001, Ico cast players as a horned youth who had to escort a princess safely from her prison. His task was complicated both by the princess's comparatively limited agility and by the fact that the two protagonists didn't speak the same language.

Four years later, Team Ico's Shadow of the Colossus followed a young warrior who had brought his fallen love to a faraway temple in the hopes of restoring her to health. According to a mysterious presence that dwelled within the temple's walls, the only way to save this girl was to hunt down and destroy the 16 massive beasts that roamed the surrounding lands.

As for the game's film adaptation, Justin Marks has been attached to pen the script, having found less-than critical success with 2009's commercial embarrassment Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. Misher Entertainment, which is headed up by Kevin Misher, is handling production, having previously worked on blockbusters such as the Nicole Kidman-starring The Interpreter and Michael Mann's Public Enemies.

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