Iceland Isn't in FIFA 17 Despite Incredible Euro 2016 Run and Here's Why

"They almost want it for free."


Iceland had an incredible run at this summer's Euro tournament. The tiny nation made it all the way to the quaterfinals, knocking out England on its way, before eventually losing to France.

In the wake of the increased interest in the country's soccer team, EA offered Iceland's soccer association, KSI, $15,000 for the rights to their side for FIFA 17, according to a report from the BBC (via Kotaku). Iceland thought this figure was too low and made a counter offer. EA did not accept the unspecified figure and now KSI president Geir Thorsteinsson is speaking out about it.

"They are the ones buying these rights and they almost want it for free," Thorsteinsson said about EA's offer. "The performance at the Euros show that we are quite a good team and many would like to play with our team. It's sad for the players--but the criticism should be towards EA Sports."

Thorsteinsson added: "I really feel if we are giving away rights, or offering rights, it has to be proper negotiations and fair fees."

Iceland's men's national team has never been in a FIFA game before.

EA has not commented on the matter. We've reached out to the company and will update this story with anything we hear back.

Curiously, EA said in a tweet earlier this month that Iceland's "Viking Clap" victory chant would be featured in the game, according the Iceland Monitor. However, the tweet has now been deleted.

FIFA 17 comes out on September 27 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Xbox One owners with an EA Access membership can start playing the full game right now.

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