<i>Advent Children</i> gets US release date, voice cast

Final Fantasy movie comes to America on UMD and feature-packed DVD in late April; Rachael Leigh Cook, Mena Suvari join cast.


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It's been a long time coming for North American fans of Final Fantasy, but the countdown can officially begin--home versions of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is coming to the US on April 25. The computer animated film based on the Square Enix franchise was previously released in theaters and on UMD and DVD in Japan, where it has sold hundreds of thousands of copies. The 101-minute film was directed by Tetsuya Nomura and Tekeshi Nozue and written by Kazushige Nojima.

The stars of the movie's English-language cast were also revealed today. Steve Burton, who gamers may know as the voice of Cloud Strife in the Kingdom Hearts games, was a lock to reprise the role of Cloud for the movie, but two Hollywood starlets will also become very familiar to FF fans soon. Rachael Leigh Cook (Josie and the Pussycats, She's All That) and Mena Suvari (American Beauty, Six Feet Under) will voice Tifa and Aerith, respectively, in both Advent Children and the upcoming PlayStation 2 game Kingdom Hearts II.

Those who can't decide between the DVD and the PSP-friendly UMD formats may want to opt for the DVD version. The 2-disc set features a bonus DVD with a story digest, deleted scenes, a "making of" featurette, and footage from the film's debut at the 2004 Venice Film Festival, as well as peeks of upcoming Final Fantasy VII-based games.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is rated PG-13 and will retail for $26.96.

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Can't wait. I think I am going to get the DVD due to the extras you get with it.

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Never played any Final Fantasy games. Maybe get hyped up by the movie?

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Woo! I can die happy now! :D

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if i see a date push back now....i'll crack

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Steve Burton, smart choice, best Cloud possible.

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ABOUT FREAKIN TIME!?! Although I already seen it and about 95% of the anime fans already saw it. If you havent its a visually stunning film. More than makes up for FF:SW I recommend getting it. i will get the english ver to see what its like.

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Well better late than never....

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Three dollars cheaper than I expected. Hope it does well.

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who cares, the movie sucked anyways.

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About damn time Square!

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KH is a little too kiddy for me. But I 've waited forever to see this damn movie, so I can't wait. It 's been so dam long since I played FFVII I probably won't know what the hell is going on.

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El mistako.

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I didn't bother downloading the movie, I'm buying the US version instead. This freaking rules!!! FINALY! IT'S COMING OUT!

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Yeah, English subtitles for me =).

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It's not that great of a movie, they should have left Final Fantasy VII alone... This movie is a cell phone commercial, which is a shame because Final Fantasy VII deserves better. Oh well...

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Steven Jay Blum is voicing Vincent!!! He has always been my first choice for Vincent; that makes me very happy :D

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I saw the Japanese version of AC at an anime club. It's pretty good.

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Uh, yay? Pass. People need to let Final Fantast VII go already. I still don't see what all the fuss is about these days, except for the fact that the game is severely overrated.

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FINALLY. A definite buy for me, I've seen it with the Japanese VA and while it was nice, I will get alot more out of the english VA. Easily one of the best animated movies I've seen, but that just might be because the game is also my favorite ;) Still, hard to deny the emotional impact it had on me by the end, so this comes as great news as I've been waiting for this release forever.

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"The characters in VII have a special resonance with this generation of gamers..." That line was so funny it hurts.

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"The characters in VII have a special resonance with this generation of gamers." That line is so funny it hurts.

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i got in trouble for saying i have a hacked xbox and i downloaded this to it... maybe i should refrain from saying i and two of my freinds also customized our gamecubes to play dvd's and burned games... i dont feel it is illigal to customize your own belongings... and i dont think it is illigal to download a movie that you also own a copy of the import... but hey... i could be wrong legally.. i mean... i only have four years of law school and i do patent law... so i suppose i just dont have any respect for any of this... hey delete my profile... that is how upset i am.

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i already have the japanese version but now that we finally have a us release date i'm gonna buy two copies one for me and one for my friend she'll be so happy

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My biggest concern is this, Am I going to still be able to watch it in Japanese? That's what the movie was made in, and THAT'S HOW I'M GONNA SEE IT! Besides, there's NO WAY that the new voice cast will be NEARLY as good as the Japanese voice cast. Not that I have any problems with those actresses, but I don't think they will be as convincing as the original voice cast! Please tell me I can still have the Japanese voice option!!! And by the way...it is ABOUT TIME they brought it out here!...FINALLY!

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Crispy, I'm guessing you've played KH2 and that's how you know it's terrible? Didn't think so. You say that the Japanese mags overate games because of their scores, ever think they may just have different standards? You said they gave Nintendogs a 10, well gamespot gave Nintendogs a 9.1 that's a .9 percent difference.

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Finally I can't wait!

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Pretty good news. Even though I already saw the movie, I still want to watch it with English dialouge.

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Nice, seen it with subtitles and now English cant wait

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And it only took them 8 months. Still, I'm getting it.

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Price seems steep, but I'm excited

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finally i can stop reading sub-titled versions.

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FINALLY some info about this!!!

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I hope the European release is not TOO FAR BEHIND!!!

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Why oh why didn't square go with pro voice actors, the hollywood cast of Spirits within were terrible, well hope fully, they include the japanese audio track.

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I don't really care who the voice actors (or actresses) are. I'll watch in japanese anyways!

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Even though I downloaded the Japanese DVD before it even released in Japan.... I will still buy this DVD the day it comes out!!!! Oh and hurray for a Final Fantasy VII remake for Playstation 3!!!! (there will be one, eventually)

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About time. Ill get both PSP and DVD :D

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YES!!! Finaly the time has come. I have seen the *** version but i also wanan see how the english voices hold up i am so getting this. Also crispy the Kingdom Hearts series is great you are just hateing.

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omfg finally

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YES yesyesyesyesyesyesyseyesyseyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

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Samuel, you saying that FF and KH are the best games ever....toolness reigns supreme. I'm sorry but no amount of cameos can change the fact that Kindom Hearts is a mediocre action/RPG without the story.. I'm not against great storytelling...FF7 had a great story and all that, but the fact was that the GAME was good as well. When I buy a game it has to be a good GAME first . Storytelling is a plus.

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I haven't seen the movie yet so I'm still excited that its finally coming out

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finally over

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Great news, now all i need is a similar announcement with the Ps3

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It's about friggin' time!!! Well good things do come to those who wait, and this is beyond good.....it's fantabulous.

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and KH2 isnt bad,its great supra, it well leave its mark on the ps2..KHII ownsXD

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I actually trust Gamespot the most, because these guys arent afraid to destroy a game in the reviews. Giving award of excellence to monster hunter? rubbish. I'll stick to gamespot.