<i>Advent Children</i> gets US release date, voice cast

Final Fantasy movie comes to America on UMD and feature-packed DVD in late April; Rachael Leigh Cook, Mena Suvari join cast.


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It's been a long time coming for North American fans of Final Fantasy, but the countdown can officially begin--home versions of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is coming to the US on April 25. The computer animated film based on the Square Enix franchise was previously released in theaters and on UMD and DVD in Japan, where it has sold hundreds of thousands of copies. The 101-minute film was directed by Tetsuya Nomura and Tekeshi Nozue and written by Kazushige Nojima.

The stars of the movie's English-language cast were also revealed today. Steve Burton, who gamers may know as the voice of Cloud Strife in the Kingdom Hearts games, was a lock to reprise the role of Cloud for the movie, but two Hollywood starlets will also become very familiar to FF fans soon. Rachael Leigh Cook (Josie and the Pussycats, She's All That) and Mena Suvari (American Beauty, Six Feet Under) will voice Tifa and Aerith, respectively, in both Advent Children and the upcoming PlayStation 2 game Kingdom Hearts II.

Those who can't decide between the DVD and the PSP-friendly UMD formats may want to opt for the DVD version. The 2-disc set features a bonus DVD with a story digest, deleted scenes, a "making of" featurette, and footage from the film's debut at the 2004 Venice Film Festival, as well as peeks of upcoming Final Fantasy VII-based games.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is rated PG-13 and will retail for $26.96.

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I've had to wait all this time and it's gonna be almost 30 bucks??!!??? It better be jam packed with extras and blow my freakin mind for the g*dd**n time and money I'm spending on this!!

Avatar image for Batalskar

3 Words, about D**N time. I know I am not the only Final Fantasy fan not to see this movie yet, and I am as ready as I will ever be to see it! 39 days and counting...

Avatar image for ghostadv

Too bad I'm not a big fan of FF7 or I might be excited (blame the storyline.)

Avatar image for Night_Frost

FINALLY!!!! It gets a solid release date, after how long? This is good, got it marked down, now I just have to wait

Avatar image for OdinDragoonX

Lol this was suppost to be PSP's killer movie app, and not only is it also coming out on DVD, but the DVD one has much much more features. :)

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Awsome news. I cant wait to see it in english.

Avatar image for Suikojin

About time... freaking hell waiting on this. I was so tempted to just download the damn thing.

Avatar image for Fahim2

Steven Jay Blum as Vincent=fan-friggin-tastic.

Avatar image for SimuLord

I think the poll on the main page said it best...Nerrrd Alert. Then again, if they did FF6 on DVD with spiffed-up visuals and an all-star cast...

Avatar image for X-AluCarD-X

27 bucks? And now you know why people pirate movies...

Avatar image for DarkKefka

After a long time I will be able to see the movie.....in english (already saw it in ***). At least I'll understand complety what they are saying and watch all the special features.

Avatar image for jediknight52501

About time,i put it on reserve about a month ago and can't wait to see it.

Avatar image for joedaddy109

I know that no one cares, but there is a grammar error in that post. "home versions of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is coming " Should be "home versions of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children ARE coming ". I know I'm one of the 3 people on the planet that actually care...so I apologize for my randomness.

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Something strange.... 8 months after the japanese release of the movie.... it's been a long time, maybe they've modified their way of speaking.... well anyways, as everyone is saying "It's about time!!!!!"

Avatar image for jakeboudville

finally, the date has arrived...........

Avatar image for Kayrod29

I saw the japanese version. Who cares what language it's in, it's the action that is the best thing out of the movie.

Avatar image for SavoyPrime

It's about time. Even though I've already seen the Japanese version with English subtitles, I'll still can't wait for the North American release.

Avatar image for chibi-acer

Already seen it, but as a fan will totally get the domestic release. Assuming the Japanese language version is available.

Avatar image for mogknightruler

My brother still hasn't seen it yet. Said he didn't want to read subs. I, on the other hand, have seen this countless times via fansubs, and I'm feeling a little iffy about whether or not I want the localized version. I've become extremely accustomed to the whole 'Japanese language with subtitles' thing (especially in anime), so if the VA isn't excellent, I won't even bother with it. I still want it though ^-^.

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yay finally.The good thing for me is that it comes on april in europe too, so i won

Avatar image for Thanos_of_MW

Hehe...mine is the 26th. I'll get it even though I already watched the "internet version". I want a boxed DVD for my birthday :)

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How wierd, April 25th is my birthday...Cool I know what I want!

Avatar image for bizsumpark182

We'll see if this holds.

Avatar image for kaziechameleon

most of my friends saddly already have the jappenese version, or pirates of it.

Avatar image for LinconSixEcho

It's about bloody time!!!!

Avatar image for RyuHayabusaX

The movie was awesome in Japanese, Americans usually ruin some Japanese cartoons(Naruto) and make them sound stupid. This is Square, I can trust Square, they've been delaying the movie just for the voice acting. I can't wait to see the movie, I'm going to rent it(I've already seen it), and see the special features. Still, the movie really doesn't do a lot of stuff with plot, but it's still a great movie, the fighting scenes are just plain awesome. If you want to learn more about the movie and ask me questions about how it is, PM ME!!!!

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Avatar image for FstBrk342

Millagro! wat took so long square?

Avatar image for MrTim24

I 've seen the *** about 30 times and i am stil thrilled for the american verison to own!

Avatar image for 207906790378084769405472660803

But who's playing Barrett and Sephiroth?!

Avatar image for NeoJedi

Awesome, can't wait to see that.

Avatar image for tashpool

Why would you even bother to get this in english? //thinks japanese sounds way cooler in video games and movies

Avatar image for 504Cp3

sweet deal i know im gettin it

Avatar image for jman183

Man finally we get a release date. I sure hope it sells well. I mean even though I have already seen it I still would like to enjoy the movie without reading the damn subtitles haha!

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Holy crap! I just realised 25th April is my birthday! This was meant to be, people!

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This is great, but will is still have an option to watch it in the original Japanese audio too? Someone's probably already said that but, it would make this release even more tempting!! ^^

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yes finally!!!

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Can't wait until April 25th.

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At long last.

Avatar image for vandal182

god i love Rachael Leigh Cook, i just hope she has the right voice for Tifa

Avatar image for samuelroberts

To be honest, crisp, I know why you'd say that. The action in KH is repetetive, but I enjoyed the diversity of the worlds, the gliding, dodge-rolling etc that made the combat worthwhile, the summons that made it interesting, the way that your abilities could change if you went to Neverland or Atlantica. It sounds silly, but I played through it twice and thoroughly enjoyed the combat each time. Good for stress. As for FFVII, the game introduced me to an entire genre. It was by no means first, obviously, but it lifted me out of the mainstream of games, and into a slightly different tone of games. In short, it revolutionized the way I play games. The combat is enduring, the play is intriguing and the use of materia is well-done. There is a lot on offer. Maybe it doesn't sound like much without the story, or whatever, but it was still genuinely new to me at the time. I love these characters so much that I'll follow them anywhere, even if the combat in KH is repetitive.

Avatar image for rbarahona

Yeah!!! It was about time!! I've been expecting this DVD for a long time. I was shocked when Amazon listed the DVD to be released next year. Fortunately now I konw that this movie will be released this year.

Avatar image for echhith

i know im getting it because its such a cool movie (emphasis on cool) =)

Avatar image for Killagorilla27

Oh god! Ewww....Quinton Flynn (voice of MGS2's Raiden) will be doing the voice of Reno. That character is officially gay.

Avatar image for LanceOSX

It's about time!

Avatar image for andrew123100

that is going to be the best final fantasy thing ever ever ever. lol and a damn nice voice cast.

Avatar image for DargusLacroix

spike spiegel is vincent valentine!! yay!!!!

Avatar image for Skippyj9

Finally! I am so excited!

Avatar image for Khimarhi

YAY FINALLY!!!! Many days have I waited for this day the day of Advent Children

Avatar image for SENoLimit

Even tho the movie suxed I'm still goin buy it as a FF fan... Funny how Japan had theirs half an year ahead of us...