<i>300</i> director inks three-game EA deal

Following in Spielberg's footsteps, Zack Snyder will "lead creative direction" on a trio of unnamed new IPs at megapublisher's LA studio.


In 2005, Electronic Arts announced a deal with Steven Spielberg to oversee development of a trio of original intellectual properties at the publisher's Los Angeles studio. So far, the partnership has yielded the Wii puzzler Boom Blox, although a futuristic PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 action adventure game is still in the works.

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Today, EA announced a deal with another filmmaker of note, 300 director Zack Snyder. The agreement will have Snyder "lead the creative direction of the games while working in partnership with the production team at EA Los Angeles." EA will own the new IPs created under the arrangement, with the Dawn of the Dead remake director's production company, Cruel & Unusual Films, leading the effort to turn said games into feature films.

The EA deal will not extend to Snyder's current project, the big-screen adaptation of the celebrated DC Comics graphic novel Watchmen. A PC, 360, and PS3 adaptation of the film is being developed by Danish shop Deadline Games (Chili Con Carnage, Total Overdose) for Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. WBIE is the game division of Warner Bros., the studio that will distribute Watchmen to theaters next March if a legal challenge from rival studio 20th Century Fox fails.

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