I Don't Need This New Golden Tee Cabinet, But It Looks Really Cool

Arcade1Up's second Golden Tee cabinet is closer to regulation size and features more versions of the golf game that hurts your hands.


Though I already own and regularly play Arcade1Up's original Golden Tee cabinet, I still want the new edition that releases in a couple of weeks. Arcade1Up's Golden Tee 3D Golf cabinet is part of the manufacturer's new line of close to regulation-size machines that you'd typically find in arcades. It also has an additional version of Golden Tee and a larger screen. While it will be a challenge to convince my wife that I need a second Golden Tee cabinet, if you don't already have your own, the new edition of Golden Tee is available to preorder now at Best Buy for $700.

It may sound weird to have multiple versions of a sports game on one cabinet, but it makes a lot of sense in Golden Tee's case. Each yearly release of Golden Tee had three unique golf courses, so this new model has 15 classic courses in all.

The first Golden Tee cabinet from Arcade1Up had a pretty good trackball, so we'd expect this one to be solid as well. That said, if you are one of those Golden Tee players who has a big backswing and stylish followthrough, you will have to teach yourself to not smack your hand against the screen. I still do it regularly; it doesn't hurt too bad.

This Golden Tee cabinet comes in at 66 inches tall, which is only around six inches off from being regulation. It also doesn't require a riser, which gives it a more "official" look as well. It even has faux coin slots to add to its authentic look. Up until now, Arcade1Up cabinets have come with 17-inch displays; the new version of Golden Tee will be the first in the lineup to boast a 19-inch display.

If you order now, you won't have to wait long to get your cabinet. Best Buy lists Golden Tee's release date as April 3, and orders are expected to ship by that date. It's worth noting that Arcade1Up cabinets are often delayed, so hopefully Golden Tee really does arrive on your doorstep in a few weeks time.

In the meantime, Best Buy has some nice deals on a handful of Arcade1Up cabinets right now. The Simpsons 30th Anniversary Edition Arcade with a matching stool and riser is available for $500, down from $700. You can also get the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cabinet, Pong Gaming Table, or Marvel Vs. Capcom table machine for $550 each.

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