I Can Handle Bloodborne DLC and Dark Souls 3 Simultaneously, says Miyazaki

Souls creator insists that splitting work between Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne won't hurt either.


Bloodborne director Hidetaka Miyazaki has assuranced that the quality of the game's upcoming expansion will not be impacted by his second project, Dark Souls 3, which he is serving as director on.

Fan expectations for the expansion are high, given the widespread critical acclaim Bloodborne and previous DLC developed by From Software, specifically Artorias of the Abyss, have received.

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Given the lack of information about the Bloodborne DLC, as well as the degree Miyazaki is involved with it, fans voiced worries when it was revealed Miyazaki is directing Dark Souls 3.

Speaking in an interview with GameSpot, however, Miyazaki said he believes he has the capacity to work on both projects concurrently, and reminded fans it wouldn't be the first time he has done so.

"The bottom line is, I think I can do it. I believe I can do both the Bloodborne DLC and Dark Souls 3," he said. "This isn’t the first time I’ve had to work on two projects at the same time."

He continued: "When I was doing Demon’s Souls, I was also working on Armoured Core: For Answer. Even for the original Dark Souls, I acted as producer and director."

According to Miyazaki, delegating some of the heavy lifting on development of Dark Souls 3 will allow him to focus on designing his projects.

"In the case of Bloodborne, although I was the lead game director, there was another director level person that also contributed," he explained. "This is the same for Dark Souls 3.

"Actually, [Yui] Tanimura-san, the director of Dark Souls 2, has already joined the [Dark Souls 3] team, which will allow me to work on core gameplay design while other things are taken care of."

He ended by stating that any product with his name on it would be of high quality.

"As long as I am listed as game director on the end credits, there’s a certain level of quality the game needs to meet. I can guarantee that the game quality will reach that."

Asked to clarify if that was the case for both Bloodborne DLC and Dark Souls 3, he said "yes."

Elsewhere in the interview, Miyazaki said Dark Souls 3 is the "turning point" in the franchise and will pave the way for something new.

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