I Appreciate Soup Pot, An Upcoming Cooking Game For Xbox That Won't Judge Me For My Mistakes

Listen, I don't want to go into the kitchen and be judged for my mistakes, because there will likely be a lot.


Developer Chikon Club has announced its debut title: Soup Pot, an upcoming game first revealed during the latest ID@Xbox Showcase. The game looks extremely on-brand for a terrible cook like me, someone who fantasizes about making good-looking food but is scared of doing a terrible job (Cooking Mama's strict upbringing scarred me deeply). Soup Pot doesn't have a traditional fail state.

"With Soup Pot, the team wanted to capture the sense of experimentation and improvisation that comes with home cooking, moving the focus away from failure states and 'game overs' in favor of rewarding cooks who try new things," Chikon Club writes in a press release.

Soup Pot encompasses a wide variety of ingredients, stylized in 3D renders. The game will launch with over 100 different dishes to make, all based on Southeast Asian cuisine. Many of Chikon Club's developers are based in the Philippines and they pulled from their culture in designing Soup Pot's recipes.

To ensure players don't outright fail, you're not limited to following each recipe exactly. They're more like guidelines. So if you want to change up the ingredients to try something that you think might end up tasting better or simply need to come up with a clever way to cover for your mistake, it's encouraged. Chikon Club wants folks to have fun with it.

"Every step features fun interactions, and there's a charming sense of playfulness throughout," the developer writes. "Ingredients call out their names when they're added, dough reacts with a squeal when you poke it, and other touches remind you that--above all else--cooking is a lot of fun."

Soup Pot is scheduled to launch for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC in August.

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