I am Bread Out Now With a Nice Discount on Steam

"I am Bread is fully baked and our latest gaming bun is out of the oven!"


The full, final version of Surgeon Simulator developer Bossa Studios' wacky physics-based PC game I am Bread, which allows players to become a piece of bread, is now available on Steam. This version of the wacky game replaces the non-final Steam Early Access edition that was released earlier this year.

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I am Bread tells the "beautiful story of one slice of bread's epic and emotional journey as it embarks on a quest to become toasted." Check out the launch trailer above to see what the game is all about.

Bossa Studios is offering a nice launch-week discount for I am Bread, allowing anyone to buy it for $9.74 instead of its normal $13 price. This promotional price ends on April 16.

The final version of I am Bread includes lots more content than the Early Access edition. You can see everything that's included with the new version below, courtesy of Bossa Studios.

Looking for even more I am Bread content? Watch this video to hear acclaimed voice actor Troy Baker do voiceover for the game. I am Bread will be released later this year for iOS.

I am Bread Final Version Includes:

  • New environment - Cell (Tutorial)
    • All the basics you'll need to get your bread navigating the environments.
  • New environment - Petrol Station
    • Bread is out into the big wild world! Now, how to toast yourself in a petrol station? Any ideas? Can you guess….?
  • New environment - Car (epilogue)
    • The final chapter to our story mode, is it the end, or the beginning?
  • Magic Marmalade!
    • Like regular marmalade but magic! Also, disables edibility and the grip limit so can progress through the game and not get super-frustrated and rage quit if you fail a few times and get stuck on a level.
  • Revamped Rampage mode
    • 153% better than the original Rampage mode, this revamp is smashtastic!
    • There’s a new layout, and more stuff to smash.
  • Achievements
    • Think the main game was hard? Wrong, the achievements are hard!
  • Trading cards
    • Cards you can trade, yeh!
  • Balancing
    • Major rebalancing to make the game (even more) more awesome, and to make you laugh more, and cry less. Includes keyboard/joypad balancing -there’s much more grip on the keyboard now to bring it more in line with joypad play. Some modes unlock in a different order to reflect how difficult they are, so you don’t have to learn to run before you can walk.
  • Bug fixes
    • Numerous bug fixes. Nothing notable, just a few little things here and there that you reported to us.

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