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I Am Bread Dev's Next Game Worlds Adrift Is All About Multiplayer Physics

Bossa Studios wants more physics in multiplayer.


I Am Bread and Surgeon Simulator developer Bossa Studios and Improbable have announced Worlds Adrift, a new, physics-based multiplayer game.

Bossa admits that it's keeping it all pretty vague for now, but as you can see in the trailer above, multiple players are able to use grappling hooks to swing around an open environment, as well as build and fly big flying ships.

In a post to the game's official website, Bossa explains that it wants to bring more physics-based mayhem to multiplayer.

"Think about it: from deathmatch arenas to MMORPGs, you don’t really play with physics," Bossa co-founder Henrique Olifiers said. "There’s no throwing a player against another to have both falling to the ground; no chopping down a tree to squash a passing-by creature; no having vehicles crash into parts that fly away and hit everyone around. No crumbling buildings with dangerous debris, no explosions throwing people in different directions… These kind of things don’t exist on multiplayer games, your sword barely grazes your enemies when rampaging through a dungeon with friends.

"So we set our minds to try to crack this problem and see if we could somehow change the status quo."

Bossa said that it will reveal more details about Worlds Adrift in January, when it opens the game's discussion forum.

I Am Bread is currently available in Steam Early Access.

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