I Am Alive on PSN April 3

Ubisoft Shanghai's postapocalyptic action game hits North American PlayStation 3 virtual storefront early next month, European release pegged for April 4.


I Am Alive will come to life on the PlayStation Network on April 3 in North America, Ubisoft announced today. The game will arrive in Europe on April 4.

I Am Alive stares down the PSN on April 3.
I Am Alive stares down the PSN on April 3.

Ubisoft did not specify pricing for I Am Alive, but last month's warmly received Xbox Live version bore a $15 price tag.

I Am Alive tells the story of an everyman who has lost his wife and daughter during a mysterious but cataclysmic event. This man returns to his hometown, Haventon, a year later to find the city in ruins, with its inhabitants taking "necessary actions" to survive.

The game was originally in development at Darkworks, before Ubisoft Shanghai stepped in to finish the game in March 2009. A PC version of the game may not happen. I Am Alive creative director Stanislas Mettra said in November that the likelihood of piracy makes a potential PC port's profitability uncertain.

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I downloaded the demo off PSN. Only got a bit of play, but I enjoyed it. When I was playing it, I got the same feeling of movement like Nathan Drake, but I'm not complaining. Ubisoft is one for great games. I will definitely buy it when I get a PSN card.

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wow 15 bucks?? Who wouldn't get this, even if it does suck?

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I like most aspects of the game. The fighting system, however, is one of the worst I have ever experienced.

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Will be downloading this April 4th

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@Big_Feef Don't kid yourself, gamers have a responsibility to police themselves, and claiming that piracy is either a) something that dev's need to work with/around or, b) not as bad as it's made out to be ... is ridiculous. I understand that IP theft is the status quo, but man-up and live with the repercussions. no one has pity-for-piracy anymore and it'll get worse on you before it gets better if YOU don't do something to change it other than defer or mitigate the blame.

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im still on the fence about this game but idk i want it and want to like it but at the same time iv seen so many mixed reactions to it.

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@fadersdream Most PC gamers aren't pirates: the numbers show that clearly. But it isn't because games tend to suck nowadays or because a lot of devs/publishers want to use their games as DLC platforms; it's piracy! The few devs who do realize that piracy is not the death knell of the gaming industry are doing very, very well from the sale of their awesome games: Bethesda and CD Projeck (even though I couldn't get into Witcher 2 much, it was still a very well made and solid game) come to mind. Nope, we should just throw our $60 at these guys regardless of whether or not we're going to get our money's worth for a game... They can bite me because my motto is simple: if a game isn't worth buying; it isn't worth pirating either.

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Until developers stop PORTING their games to PC, I couldn't care less about their profitability.

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Until PC gamers take responsibility for Piracy limitations should be expected.

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game sucked on 360 gonna suck on ps3 simple as that

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@Big_Feef Even though you've been thumbed down by lots of fanboys, i agree with you. I'll NEVER give my money to this producer. Their arrogance alone is reason enough. But i do downloaded the trial from live. Wanna know what? Isn't that cool. Crappy graphics for a recent game (Amnesia, a 2010 indie game have better graphics.), the whole "real apocalypse" is bogus, you can't feel immersed in the game, (Fallout delivers much more immersion being surrealistic and buggy), and the combat is ridiculous, you have an (empty) gun to scare off enemies, so you draw the gun and they (equipped with melee weapons) "surrender". As soon as you lower the gun to find you path they start running towards you. They suddenly forgot that you are armed... So you have to kill every single human that appears, every NPC from the demo was hostile. And the climbing? Assassin's Creed with a timer. It's a fun game, i'd buy if it was to support a indie developer, but after the arrogance of the creator saying that about the PC platform and that "his game would be the realistic post-apocaliptic game" being that it ISN'T, i'll skip this game.

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seems intrigiuing...

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you make denzel the main character and you got a blockbuster not some nathan drake look a like... lol either way looks kinda cool

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@SolidTy If you take the IGN score out it gets even better, that is, the REAL metacritic core is higher than that. (What's happening to IGN these days? They're going batsh*t about any game that diverges even a little bit from the norm, distributing very low scores left and right. They sound like a teen rebelling, desperate for attention. Not even EDGE does this, and it isn't like IGN texts are even remotely as thoughtful as EDGE's - or Gamespot's for that matter)

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"the likelihood of piracy makes a potential PC port's profitability uncertain." This alone makes me not want to purchase this game... even though it looks like it'd be fun. Tired of these scumbag game devs blaming piracy for the ills of the gaming industry; so not going to support them when they use that crutch.

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ubisoft should have the time to improve the PSN version after some feedback from XBL player

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no use of real currency on the xbl precludes any purchases from me so a psn option is at least a good thing.

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Timed exclusive doesn't mean anything. That's not a real exclusive. No one is in tears because they have to wait an extra month. It's already been proving Microsoft will pay millions to have "timed exclusive dlc." It doesn't really hurt any ps3 users to wait a month or so.

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Why do people think it is a timed exclusive? It is just releasing a little later. Get your head out of your A****.

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Meh, demo on 360 was alright. Would not pay for this though. Maybe PS+ for half off in the near future.

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it's these trailers that get us then comes the "failure" boom,

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Completed this on Xbox, highly recommend it for PS3 users. It won't be to every ones tastes but it's likely one of the most interesting games to come out recently not to mention the closest Iv'e seen to a 'true' survival game in a while.

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@redskinStu - our ps3's may take a little longer to read from disc (especially considering ours are blurays and yours are dvds) but unlike xbox, we dont get RRODs and have to buy a new xbox every 2 years :P also, you may want to work on your reading comprehension skills as it clearly says PSN... it's not disc based. so your comment not only makes you look like a silly xbox fanboy troll but also suffering from a.d.d.

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@redkinStu good fanboy joke bro, try and suck from the corporate tit a little harder.

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the combat or should I say self defense looked old school , but I guess i'll give it a try , I hope there will be plenty of Alpo Meaty Chunks for me to eat ...

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I imagine it came out a month earlier on 360 becasue it will take 30 days for the game to load on a DVD, meaning we'll all get it at the same time.

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I trust this will be a good title and I hope its worth it. Very soon indeed

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Why is it releasing a month later ?