I Am Alive on PC September 13

Ubisoft's postapocalyptic action game hitting Windows machines next month through company's digital store, Steam for $15; includes exclusive Easy and Replay modes.


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I Am Alive is spreading to the PC. Ubisoft announced today that the postapocalyptic action game will be available for Windows PCs through the company's online store, Steam, and other digital retailers beginning September 13 for $15.

I Am Alive lives on PC next month.
I Am Alive lives on PC next month.

I Am Alive was released for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network earlier this year, receiving a warm critical reception. According to Ubisoft, I Am Alive for the PC has been "enhanced" with higher resolutions and sharper graphics for those with capable rigs.

Additionally, I Am Alive for the PC boasts two modes not available for its console cousins. These are Easy mode, which allows for infinite retries and a "smoother introduction" to the game, and Replay, which allows users to play levels again.

Those who preorder I Am Alive for the PC through the UbiShop will score a free copy of Outerlight's 2010 first-person shooter Bloody Good Time.

Last year, it appeared that a PC version of I Am Alive might not see the light of day. Creative director Stanislas Mettra said in November that the likelihood of piracy would make a PC port's profitability uncertain.

I Am Alive tells the story of an everyman searching for his wife and daughter after a mysterious but cataclysmic event. This man returns to his hometown, Haventon, a year later to find the city in ruins, with its inhabitants taking "necessary actions" to survive.

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