I Am Alive climbing onto XBLA, PSN this winter

Ubisoft confirms long-in-development postapocalyptic survival game will see the light of day on downloadable storefronts.


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Once believed to be abandoned, Ubisoft has confirmed that I Am Alive not only has a heartbeat, but it will see release this winter on the Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network.

"I can see the ruins of my house from here!"

Developed by Ubisoft Shanghai, I Am Alive tells the story of an everyman who has lost his wife and daughter during a mysterious but cataclysmic event. This man returns to his hometown, Haventon, a year later to find the city in ruins, with its inhabitants taking "necessary actions" to survive.

According to Ubisoft's description, I Am Alive will have players battling both enemies and the environment. Players must manage their stamina and resources to survive in the embattled region, and they will climb to the tops of buildings to find essential items.

On top of the gameplay details Ubisoft formally announced today, earlier this week, the ESRB rated the game M-for-Mature and said the title would include various finishing moves like throat-slashing, impaling, and pistol-whipping.

First announced at the 2008 Electronic Entertainment Expo, I Am Alive was originally pegged to ship in 2009. At the time, Paris-based Darkworks was at work on the game but Ubisoft Shanghai took over development duties in 2009.

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Avatar image for UltimateBohab

ah good another only downloadable game...

Avatar image for Gusz2

looks cool... i liked the option of switch the aim view like MGS... always a good option... but for i what've seen, they still have to upgrade the movements of the character when walking and climbing, jumping, it needs to get more real, maybe like uncharted...

Avatar image for thermalcold

I can't imagine a game like this appearing in arcade, as the file size for this game must be hhhuuuugggggeeee. I am interested in knowing why such a move was decided.

Avatar image for DukeMagnum

@zidan4000 That is a natural result, yes, but it could not be achieved without eliminating competition. You're going to get tons of competition on the PC because it's an open platform. On consoles you're going to have 0 competition. There will be one way to get Xbox games and one way to get PS games and that's exactly how they want it. Prices stay high. How long do you think the cost of the middle man will stay low when that's the only option for developers to get their game out there?

Avatar image for zidan4000

@DukeMagnum It is actually about reducing the cost of middle man to the minimum so that companies can get maximum profit at minimal loss.

Avatar image for KaizerJinn

this seems interesting...

Avatar image for DukeMagnum

What a load. This game looked a lot more interesting 2 or 3 years ago. Now it's like a poor man's Fallout 3. Why have consoles and TVs that can display like 8 trillion colors or something all at once and then only use about 10 of them??? Half the damn Super Nintendo library had a better color palette than this game. And yeah, I want games on my shelf, not on my hard drive. Cheaper? Give me a break. That must be why Crysis 2 is $59.99 as a downloadable title and about $35 bucks in stores. Make no mistake, digital distribution isn't about helping consumers pay less. It's about controlling software and eliminating competition.

Avatar image for BONK-

PC Get's the slip again i see, Well looks crap anyway.

Avatar image for BillyColeman


Avatar image for Patchyfett10

What happened to that Adam guy from the teaser trailer and the box art? The hero in this trailer looks like a totally different dude.

Avatar image for pinkfloyd1979le

Will it be free roam, and he looks like rico from Just Cause 2..

Avatar image for zidan4000

The trailer make it look like a fully priced game, maybe it is gonna be a full price download only game ? maybe?

Avatar image for hickabickabooya

interesting, looks fun. I give it some thought when it finally makes it onto a console

Avatar image for DeviLBringeRRR

well i don't know if they delayed this too but it has a PC version which im getting but don't know when

Avatar image for psycho75

@Szeiden @BloodMist i'm a oldschool gamer with old habits : )

Avatar image for zidan4000

@ClaudiusCaesar Yeah obviously, PC gaming is dying, Valve is just generating profit from nothing "sarcasm"

Avatar image for ClaudiusCaesar

@Alon5 PC is not a good business. Too much piracy.

Avatar image for zidan4000

WTFLULWUT? all this wait for a downloadable arcade title? seriously?

Avatar image for hojo80

@whitejackel I'm sure it's a full game, just thing Ubisoft doesn't have the faith in it to sell well during the release of all the behemoth games coming out but has enough following to possibly do very well as a lower-priced download, maybe $40 would be my guess. If it does well you could see more studios developing A-list games for digital distribution.

Avatar image for hojo80

A digital release says nothing about the game. The trailer looks like it's a large scale game, visuals are high... Ubisoft very well might just be using this game for some sort of test. The original R&D was done by another company and Ubisoft merely finished the development but this title has been out of the media loop for some time and a full-retail release in this holiday seasons line-up could spell much lost revenue. Also holding off the release isn't a sound business strategy, they paid for this game from Darkworks and paid to develop it, sitting on it will just continue to chew up revenue. They will distribute digitally forgoing many expenses and getting instant marketing via XBL and PSN posts on your screen! Sony and Microsoft want you to download it too

Avatar image for whitejackel

assasins creed when the apocolyps happens? no but really iv been watchin this game ever sense its first annoucement and im happy it dint get caned. I just hope it isent just a DLC game that its a full on blue-ray game with a good solid story and game play.

Avatar image for Alon5

AS usual, Ubisoft doesn't give a damn about the pc players...

Avatar image for KidRapper

Soooo, any idea about the PC version?:(

Avatar image for slippship

PSN XBLA download, hmmmmm, I liked Disaster on Wii, just hope this can do this untapped genre justice.

Avatar image for Mizkreant

Poor Jade. Her game got downgraded to a DLC release.

Avatar image for Phil-teh-Pirate

I preferred the original dude I was going to play as. The guy in the white shirt, tie and black trousers who was blatantly just looking forward to his next starbucks coffee. This guy looks like he had to make a mad dash for his life through a GAP on his way to an indie concert when the earthquake happened. And a bow an arrow? Really?

Avatar image for warhawk-geeby

Ahhh bum.. PSN Download.. Yeah that's just been rubbed off my list :(

Avatar image for J-007

Now that looks indulging, hopefully it won't be linear. Only now I can't wait! Glad it won't be available in 2012-very late

Avatar image for mosavm01

will this is it for me , i am alive and buying it

Avatar image for pszone

but then again might end up buying it because i like stuff like this lol so ya dont going to change my mind know win for me and all

Avatar image for pszone

know seen gameplay i might think about it because first person . i dont mind third person but i through not first person shooter ill think on this one

Avatar image for pszone

Finally but why this game wasnt shown this years E3211? if the game coming out this year but looks promising so i get the game .

Avatar image for mickey_mickey48

Looks pretty cool. but thanx to XBL being there for 10 years now and still buying games from live is still not available in my region won't make me play it. thanx Microsoft.

Avatar image for AC-FAN-I-AM

Very promising

Avatar image for CaptainKrunch10

Glad this is not going to steam

Avatar image for BloodMist

@psycho75 Yeah, if games still came in really nice, large boxes instead of tiny little DVD style cases that barely let you see the artwork, I'd probably agree with that.If there's a genuinely fantastic collector's edition for a great game, such as any collector's edition released by Blizzard, I'll tend to pick it up.

Avatar image for Szeiden

@psycho75 The collectible part certainly is true. As for your grandkids being able to play it though, fortunately you can always download the game from an "alternate source" even if the service you purchased the game from becomes obsolete (when steam eventually goes under for example). I used to be worried about making digital purchases and not being able to play my games when services go defunct, but after discovering the "alternate source" I am now comfortable buying digitally knowing that I can always get the game in the future in case something happens.

Avatar image for Mega_Skrull

It's download only then? What a pity, it looked good, but I just won't download a game unless they give me the physical device to store it so I don't depend on servers, internet and waste my limited space, though that is just a normal retail release... Nevermind.

Avatar image for clqtte

DL games,I pass

Avatar image for yerg3

It has taking them this long to just make an arcade game. Well that must be a good thing, but I was expecting a $60 game when they announced it.

Avatar image for psycho75

@BloodMist One good reason:i like the game on my shelve as many ppl here i'm sure,collect games is a nice part of the fun and who knows my grandkids could play it some day...as the downloadable ones kinda feels deletable

Avatar image for KabutoHunter

Eh, I was once excited for this game, but it seems like the development has changed hands a few too many times. Now it's come out looking nothing like what I expected. I certainly wasn't expecting a game with the gory violence that the rating describes. And now it's download-only? I've pretty much lost faith in this one. At least I just recently got to play Disaster Day of Crisis. That was more along the lines of what I had expected from I Am Alive, and I'm glad I imported it. I Am Alive seems rather distasteful to me, now. This certainly isn't the first time Ubisoft has disappointed me this year... I doubt it will be the last.

Avatar image for KoolzKatz

Sounds very interesting, might pick this one up

Avatar image for robertwarnes91

This game reminds me of Disaster Day of Crisis on the Wii. Loved that game a lot.

Avatar image for WhatTheTruck

I've always wanted to play something like this, and now voilà; but I know the download will take at least 6 hours with my slow ass internet.

Avatar image for shenron43

Might turn out to be good.

Avatar image for Kme2222

I am glad that someone is using their brain and imagination, FINALLY, and making a game that is third person, with good physics looks like, and a seemingly good story line. I know their have been other games that are third person and with the same characteristics but you more so see every developer jumping on the first person bandwagon because it's easy, cheaper, you can pump it out to the public quicker, and requires less thought than most other genres. But this is just my opinion and I am sure you all have your own. Nevertheless, I will follow this game!

Avatar image for RobinGS

So this game isn't gonna be in shops? I don't mind that, it'll be cheaper and anyway it look's QUALITY!

Avatar image for Vegna_Infamous

*Sees I Am Alive* Oh a new game based off of the hit tv show? Eh, I have my doubts. *Reads into the article and notices trailer afterwards* ...postapocalyptic survival game..Sweet take on the show!...Arcade...? But ze quality wont be that great :( *Watches trailer* ..........:0 Oh....MEH..GAWD!!!!!!!!! *dies*.........................................................................

Avatar image for Evz0rz

@ClaudiusCaesar Ubisoft Shanghai have been around since 2000 :lol: