Hyrule Warriors' Final DLC Includes an Unexpected Playable Character

The Boss Pack DLC coming in March allows you to play as more than just Ganon.

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This story contains spoilers about a secret character in the Boss Pack DLC for Hyrule Warriors.

The fourth and final DLC pack for Hyrule Warriors is almost here. In addition to adding Ganon as a playable character, there's another secret, unlockable character awaiting players.

With the DLC having been released in Japan this week, a YouTube video (below) has surfaced showing that the Boss Pack DLC includes a playable Cucco. That is, a giant version of the chickens from almost every Legend of Zelda game ever released is now playable, and it can not only use its beak to attack, it can also summon smaller Cuccos to attack.

Unlocking the Cucco requires you to achieve an A-rank of Ganon's third survival mission.

The Boss Pack is due out in North America on March 12 for $2.99. Alternatively, it's included in the previously released $20 bundle of all four DLC packs.

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