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Hyperkin Reveals A Sega Nomad Imitation Called Mega 95

The console can play Genesis games on the go, though no release date has been announced.


The Mega 95 brings back the spirit of Sega's last handheld system ever. Hyperkin has unveiled the portable console, which acts like a Sega Nomad in its ability to play Genesis cartridges. But the Mega 95 also takes inspiration from Nintendo Switch in plugging into a dock to bring the old 16-bit games to a TV screen as well.

The Verge reports Hyperkin hasn't given the Mega 95 a release date or price point yet. The company does sell a similar handheld system for Super Nintendo cartridges--called the SupaBoy--that retails for $120. However, it doesn't have a dock.

Featuring a 5-inch screen, the Mega 95 can apparently switch between widescreen 16:9 and retro 4:3 displays for Genesis games. The battery life for the portable system is estimated to last 10 hours.

Hyperkin is also remaking the original Xbox Controller S with some major upgrades for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 and 11 PCs. Like the Mega 95, the pad named the DuchesS doesn't have a release date or price point.

It's been almost six years exactly since Hyperkin brought back the original Xbox controller called the Duke. The company was also behind the revival of the Xbox 360 pad for Xbox Series X|S, too.

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