Hunter: The Reckoning goes gold

Interplay and Vivendi Universal announce that the GameCube version of their White Wolf-inspired action game is complete.


Interplay and Vivendi Universal have today announced that Hunter: The Reckoning for the GameCube has gone gold, meaning that the game is finished and is now being prepared to ship to retail. The game, which has been available for the Xbox since May, is a third-person action game based on the characters and fiction of White Wolf's pen-and-paper role-playing game of the same name.

The game sees up to four players assuming the roles of hunters charged with ridding the town of Ashcroft of the vast numbers of the undead that have taken to walking the streets since a rave at the local prison created some kind of rift that has freed the spirits and demons incarcerated there.

Hunter: The Reckoning is scheduled for release in mid-November. For more information, check out our previous coverage of the Xbox and Xbox versions of the game.

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