Hunter: The Reckoning goes gold

The Xbox action game set in the White Wolf universe is now complete.


Interplay has announced that Hunter: The Reckoning, its Xbox action game set in the White Wolf's World of Darkness universe, has gone gold. The story in Hunter: The Reckoning revolves around a prison where vampires performed hideous experiments on humans, resulting in the creation of strange zombies. These zombies eventually escape from the prison and infest a nearby town. Players will be able to select from one of four different "hunters" and will be responsible for hunting down these zombies.

"Our goal was to combine a great story with intense action, and the richness of the White Wolf universe gives us an incredible background," said Scot Lane, executive producer of Hunter. "We took full advantage of the graphical realism the Xbox provides."

Hunter: The Reckoning will be available in stores on May 21.

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