Hundreds of Steam Keys for This New Game Are Hidden Across the US

A "conspiracy" website has been set up by the developer of Dyscourse to help people locate them.

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Owlchemy Labs, developer of the newly released PC game Dyscourse, has hidden caches of Steam keys across the United States, waiting to be found by intrepid treasure hunters.

There are 10 caches in all, although the location of one has already been shared: a tree trunk located on the Hawaii 2 island in Maine. At least so far, no one has retrieved the drive that's been placed there, which contains 100 Steam keys for Dyscourse.

As for the other nine, finding those will require some serious sleuthing. A website, allegedly run by an in-game character named Teddy, has been set up to provide hints. It was created in the guise of a '90s conspiracy site, complete with a tiled background featuring Mulder's "I Want to Believe" poster from The X-Files.

"Teddy" notes on the site that, if the caches aren't discovered "soon," he'll release "more general information at the risk of them being found easier, for the sake of spreading truth."

It's a clever way to promote the release of a game, certainly. Dyscourse, a choose-your-own-adventure game, was released earlier this week following a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $44,000. It's available now on Steam for $15.

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