Humble's Great Monthly Bundle Is Changing In A Major Way

You may want to subscribe to Humble Monthly ASAP.


Humble Bundle is changing its subscription service later this year to give subscribers the power to choose their own games each month. Appropriately rebranded Humble Choice, the subscription service will have four subscriber tiers: Lite, Basic, Premium, and Classic.

If you're at all interested in getting a batch of PC games each month for a low cost, you should definitely consider subscribing soon. When Humble Choice launches, all current subscribers will be switched to the Classic plan, which is by far the best value. At $12/month (or $132/year), the same cost of Humble Monthly right now, you'll get ten games each month, a 20% Humble Store discount, and access to Humble Trove, a growing catalog of free games. Current Humble Trove games include Torchlight II, Wilmot's Warehouse, SOMA, and many more.

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Subscribe to Humble Monthly

Here's the important part: Only current Humble Monthly subscribers will be converted to Humble Classic. It will not be available to new subscribers after Humble Choice launches. Humble hasn't revealed a start date for the change, but as we're nearing the end of the year, you don't have that much time.

When we say the Classic plan is the best offer, we're not kidding. The Premium plan costs $20/month ($180/year) and only gets you nine games each month and the same perks as the Classic plan. The Basic plan costs $15/month ($135/year) and comes with three games each month and a 10% Humble Store discount. You'll get to choose your games from the monthly batch if you're subscribed to one of the lower tiers. Meanwhile, the Lite plan is $5/month ($45/year) and only comes with access to Humble Trove, and a 10% store discount.

In recent months, Humble Monthly games have included Slay the Spire, BattleTech, Sonic Mania, and Guacamelee! 2.

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