Humble Indie Bundle 4 now live

Super Meat Boy, Bit.Trip Runner, Shank, Jamestown, and more included in the latest "pay what you want" independent games/charity package.


The fourth Humble Indie Bundle promotion kicked off today, and the latest installment in the twice-a-year, pay-what-you-want promotion is boasting some pretty high-profile offerings.

The fourth Humble Indie Bundle has more than a little meat on its bones.
The fourth Humble Indie Bundle has more than a little meat on its bones.

Five games are included in the Humble Indie Bundle 4 base package, including Super Meat Boy, Bit.Trip Runner, Shank, Jamestown, and Nightsky HD. For those who pay more than the average amount (currently at roughly $5), Cave Story+ and Gratuitous Space Battles are also included.

As with previous Humble Bundles, any amount over a dollar is accepted, and the payment can be split at will between developers, charities, and the package organizer, Humble Bundle Inc. The money for charity goes to Child's Play and/or the American Red Cross, with customers able to split the proceeds between parties to their liking.

All games in The Humble Indie Bundle 4 are compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. The games are DRM-free and can be redeemed through Steam.

As of press time, more than 100,000 bundles have been sold, with a total of more than $500,000 raised. The original Humble Indie Bundle launched in May 2010 and raised $1.27 million, and the following two raised $1.8 million and $2.16 million respectively. The Humble Indie Bundle 4 will be available through December 27.

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Lol, Indie.

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LOVE humble bundles. They encourage all that is good in the gaming community. :D

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@Naylord - A 15-year old PC? So you're rocking Windows 95 on dial up bro?

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Downloaded :D Really great. But there doesn't seem to be a Steam key for Gratuitous Space Battles and Cave Story+. Anyone else? EDIT: Oh, never mind I found the Steam key. This bundle rocks.

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@majere613 im not sure what u mean? but anyone can buy the game bundle im from europe

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Ok, I'm possibly being an idiot here and not reading something, but is the HIB US only, or can we get it in the EU (specifically, the UK)?

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My only regret is that you can't split the money between which developer gets a better share, mainly because of the bad crap that I've heard about surrounding Nicalis and Cave Story+. (They actually stole some mods for the original game, and i don't even know if they were properly credited. Hell, they decided to have a legal battle with DeceasedCrab over a Let's Play)

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As usual I bought it the minute the email went out. It's always great to give what little you can to charity and also get some amazing games in return.

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Bought and downloading now. Feels good man.

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I got this yesterday and I'm very pleased with the games. Bit.Trip Runner and Super Meat Boy are both great games included in the package. I've yet to play the other titles.

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...this...was made for me. Must get!

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this is the third humble bundle im buying and i bought some extra to give as gifts too for whoever said that humble bundle never had a good game i have to disagree the one that stood out most for me so far has been trine - which u also got the wonderful soundtrack with it made me wanna buy the ps3 version of trine 2 when its out i love the whole idea with being able to give to charity, developers and site and decide exactly how much its well worth the price to try some indie games this one happen to have some pretty major titles but i found some real gems in bundles i would never have found or heard about otherwise

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Damn, I already have all of these. Great games. This is easily the best bundle thus far, by quite a margin.

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seeing as this is for charity, hopefully the people that buy it do so for a reasonable price.

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Castle Crashers, Puzzle Quest, Geometry Wars or Bastion will be the next headlining game, calling it.

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My brother bought this for 50 dollars to support developers mostly. The fact that all these games are being ported to Linux cuz of the HIB is amazing, Linux has gotten so many AAA games ported to it through this.

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Wow that's a great collection of games!

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@mjc0961 "For the first time ever, a Humble Indie Bundle contains a good game: Super Meat Boy." SMB is the Headliner for this bundle, but have you missed: HIB1: World of Goo HIB2: Braid HIB3: And Yet it moves These were all worth the price of admission, and I've found quite a few additional games that got a lot of play from me. Atom Zombie Smasher in particular came out of left field and soaked up a ton of my time. Why not throw in $1, give it to charity and give some of these a go ?

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Already got it. Gratuitous space battles is worth it alone, seriously.

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"Pay-what-you-want" sure is great. :P (Though personally, I have to admit that I have yet to take on any Bundle, if ever. The reason follows shortly.) However, I would caution everyone interested to consider reading the << LINK REMOVED >> - as you should if you consider yourself a careful customer. (Yes, "Service". Humble Bundle may be telling you that these games are DRM-free, but like so, so many other software makers out there now, they consider the games that they offer services - .) That said, - these they hand over to the game-makers who are collaborating with Humble Bundle, and they typically require you to shackle your game with the Steamworks API to receive product updates.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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It's nice to see stuff like this supporting indie developers.

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Since i dont have Super Meat Boy, it is time for me to get it.

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Thx, got it :D

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Cave Story and Super Meat Boy? Nice.

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Hooray for more people playing Shank!

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My pc is so terrible it can't even run these games (it's 15 years old) but I think I'll get this just so that when I finally upgrade I have some new games

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Defiantly grabbing this, Jamestown and SMB? Count me in.