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Humble Indie Bundle 3 now live

Gamers can name their price for five independent titles, including And Yet It Moves, Hammerfight, VVVVVV; proceeds go to Child's Play, Electronic Freedom Foundation, developers.


Humble Bundle Inc. is continuing its charity work with a third Humble Bundle, which launched today. Gamers can not only name their price for the collection of five independent games, but they can also choose how the proceeds are to be divided among developers, the Child's Play charity, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the promotion's organizers.

This year's Humble Bundle is collecting for charity.
This year's Humble Bundle is collecting for charity.

Available until August 9, the Humble Bundle includes And Yet It Moves, Hammerfight, VVVVVV, Cogs, and Crayon Physics Deluxe. Each game is available for the PC, Mac, and Linux and does not contain any kind of digital rights management. Games can be installed onto as many computers are desired and can be redeemed through digital distribution stores Steam and Desura.

As of press time, the Humble Bundle has collected more than $115,000 from nearly 28,000 total purchases. According to the analytics embedded on the promotion's website, the average purchase comes in at $4.22. Linux users are the most generous, giving an average of $10.36 for the bundle, followed by Mac users at $5.51, and Windows users giving an average of $3.45 for the bundle.

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