Humble Indie Bundle 2 collects for charity

Players able to name their price for pack of five independently developed games featuring Braid, Osmos, Machinarium; proceeds go to Child's Play, Electronic Freedom Foundation, developers.

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The old saying suggests it's better to give than to receive, but the creators of the Humble Indie Bundle don't see why that has to be an either-or proposition. Humble Bundle Inc. has launched the second Humble Indie Bundle promotion, letting gamers not only name their price for a collection of five indie games, but also determine how the money is split between the developers, Child's Play charity, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the promotion's organizers.

Available for the next six days, the Humble Indie Bundle 2 promotion will let gamers pick up Braid, Machinarium, Osmos, Cortex Command, and Revenge of the Titans for the price of their choosing. All of the games are available for the PC, Mac, and Linux and use no digital rights management.

The Humble Indie Bundle features 2008's critically acclaimed puzzle platformer Braid.
The Humble Indie Bundle features 2008's critically acclaimed puzzle platformer Braid.

As of this writing, the Humble Indie Bundle 2 has been purchased more than 33,000 times, generating more than $229,000. (The original Humble Indie Bundle--a collection of five games including Gish and World of Goo--was purchased more than 138,000 times, for a total of $1.27 million.) Windows users were the stingiest of givers, averaging $5.70 per purchase, with Mac users choosing to pay an average of $7.75 per bundle. Linux gamers were easily the most generous with their payments, averaging $13.79 per purchase.

For more on the Humble Bundle or to purchase the pack, check out the official website.

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