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Humble Games Showcase 2023 Brings New Info On Stray Gods, Breeze In The Clouds, And More

The charity/publisher's annual livestream unveiled eight new indie titles.


The 2023 Humble Games Showcase has dropped new information on eight upcoming indie titles, including a playable musical, a beat-'em-up using the power of the weather, and more.

Stray Gods, an"interactive role-playing musical" as described by developer Summerfall Studios, showed some of its unique visual novel-style gameplay, which uses musical numbers to progress the story. The trailer also revealed an impressive voice cast, which includes Laura Bailey as protagonist The Muse, Lauren "Lolo" Spencer, Ashley Johnson, Felicia Day, Erika Iishi, Rahul Kohli, and more.

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Also featured was Breeze In The Clouds, a side-scrolling beat-'em-up infused with fighting game mechanics. The main character Breeze can perform parries, air combos, and more, while using weather-based powers to enhance their attacks. The game was one of two games shown that are supported by the Black Game Development Fund, with the other being Protodroid Delta.

Bo: Path of the Teal Lotus was also shown during the showcase via a trailer highlighting both its Japanese folklore aesthetic and a gameplay style echoing games like Hollow Knight. Players will control Bo, a small fox-like creature, as they travel the world wielding a dual-sided staff.

The rest of the games featured during the 2023 Humble Games Showcase are below:

  • Wizard of Legend 2
    • Developed by Dead Mage (Children of Morta), with consultation from previous game's developer Contingent99
    • Shift from 2D to 3D, while also adding four-player co-op gameplay
  • #Blud
    • Developer by cartoon studio Exit 73 (OK Go Let's Play Heroes)
    • 2D action game featuring a high school student slaying vampires
    • Launching in 2024.
  • Supraland: Six Inches Under
    • Follow-up to 2019 Metroidvania style game
    • Out now on PC, launching today on Xbox and PlayStation
  • Cataclismo
    • Developed by Digital Sun (Mageseeker: A League Of Legends Story)
    • Fortress-building real-time strategy game where you construct a castle piece by piece while defending it from hordes of enemies
  • Lost Skies
    • Cooperative survival adventure for 1-6 players
    • Set among floating islands, players will craft and pilot airships with ancient technology, then explore and fight "giant threats"
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