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Humble Choice Members Get 8 Free PC Games In December

Close out the year with a batch of free PC games you can keep forever.


Each month, Humble Choice members get a batch of free PC games as part of their $12/month subscription. December’s eight freebies include big RPGs, puzzle games, platformers, atmospheric adventure games, and even a social-deduction party game, so there’s something for everyone.

This month’s headliner inclusion is Wasteland 3, a sprawling isometric RPG set in the icy mountains of a post-apocalyptic Colorado. Players control a party of characters exploring the wintery landscape, engaging in extensive conversations and tactical combat against the various NPCs they meet.

Another massive RPG, Greedfall, is also part of the lineup. Set in an alternate history during the 18th-century European expansion into North and South America, Greedfall mixes old-world technology with fantasy elements.

Along with those beefy role-playing games, there’s the roguelite action-platformer Blade Assault, puzzle-platformer Super Magbot, cartoony puzzle-focused adventure game Toem, and narrative-driven indies Backbone and Where the Water Tastes Like Wine. And for those looking for a game to play with their friends, there’s First Class Trouble, a creepy murder mystery game that supports up to six players.

All these games are included for free as part of your Humble Choice subscription, and once they’re downloaded you own them forever, even if you cancel your membership. Members also get access to a rotating library of PC games, as well as bonus discounts for games in Humble’s online store.

December Humble Choice games

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