Humble Choice For May 2023 Lets You Get 7 Games For $12

Humble Choice for May is loaded with space marines, stock trading, and creepy cartoons.


Humble Choice is one of the more interesting game subscription services, as for just $12 a month, you'll get a curated line-up of new games that you can download and keep forever. For May, the list of new games includes some brutal tactical action, beloved afterlife adventuring, and stock market fun without having to risk your life savings. And since you can cancel Humble Choice at any time, you can pick and choose which months you want to be a subscriber for.

Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters is the highlight of the month, as this spin-off from the popular tabletop franchise is a very Warhammer take on XCOM. Like the Firaxis games, you'll command a team of burly space marines and strategically position them on a map, striking when the moment is right in this turn-based tactics game. Unlike other games in the genre, Daemonhunters has a more risk/reward approach that can reward you mightily for playing aggressively.

Spiritfarer has become a beloved game since it was released a few years ago, as it combines a charming art direction with heartfelt storytelling, fun platforming, and great resource management. On the opposite side of Spiritfarer there's Bendy and the Dark Revival, a stylish first-person survival horror sequel to Bendy and the Ink Machine. It's sinister stuff, and you'll need all your cunning to escape from deadly enemies and solve dangerous puzzles.

Another game that's great for giving your grey matter a workout is Operation Tango, an asynchronous co-operative multiplayer game where you have to complete various puzzle-based objectives in a game of spycraft. Windjammers 2 is a combo of air hockey and brawling, Builder Simulator will let you live out your Grand Designs fantasies, and Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery is a short but sweet story from publisher Annapurna Games that dives into the world of art.

Lastly, The Invisible Hand is a satirical look at the stock market and how you can get rich quick--if you don't mind putting a squeeze on your moral compass, of course. All eight games are available now for all Humble Choice members, so download them before they're replaced by next month's games. As a reminder, Humble Choice members can also access the Humble Games collection and Vault, and get extra discounts in the Humble store.

Humble Choice Collection May 2023

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