Humble Bundle's Rockstar Sale Includes Deals On GTA, LA Noire, Bully, And More

We might not have any cash left for Black Friday.


Before Black Friday rolls around this week, Humble Bundle has a plethora of Rockstar titles on sale right now. Everything from Grand Theft Auto V to L.A. Noire is currently marked down from 50 to 70 percent off.

This Humble Bundle sale only pertains to those of you on PC, so if you're looking to snag a copy for your consoles, you'll be out of luck here. But if you haven't already gotten your hands on these titles, now's a good chance.

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GTAV is down to $30, L.A. Noire Complete Edition is $9, Max Payne 3 is $7, and Bully Scholarship Edition is $6. You can also get your hands on the Grand Theft Auto Collection for $15, and plenty of Shark Card bundles for GTAV from $38.

To check out the rest of what's in the sale, head on over to Humble Bundle. For another pre-Black Friday deal on the console side of gaming, check out this $200 Xbox One S deal at Walmart.

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cdkeys had wolf 2 for 25 after a 5% off coupon. Had to get it before black friday because that game is awesome.

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Even the ps4 version of GTAV is nearly 3 years old and is still 60 bucks.

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@camou504: $17 on ebay "buyitnow" disc only but who cares

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@camou504: That's what happens when a game is consistently in the top 10 games sold list for years there is literally no reason to drop the price considering dropping the price is supposed to increase dwindling sales.

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@sellingthings: steam is getting worse and worse with it's sales / prices.. i bought it from another site about 3 months after it came out for under $40, then a few weeks later saw it for $29, oh well... i buy about 98% of my pc games from other sites.. mainly cdkeys dot com, and also humble bundle sometimes has a few games (or a bundle) on really good deals.

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@sellingthings: *Facepalm* first of all if Steam sets the prices then give me a proof because then PUBG would be 60 bucks and not 30 bucks and second of all those "cd keys" that are much cheaper than original retail store like steam are from another country, for example, Steam has a game that costs 60 bucks on their page because that's original game makers price but companies like Kinguin, G2A and many more cd keys companies like them buy cd keys from cheaper country like Russian, Brazil or they buy them on bulk like Instant Gaming so that they can scan the code bar and then sell it cheaper than original retail store like Steam. Hope you understand why it is higher than other cd keys store.

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@sellingthings: Before you start arguing with me you need to first your grammar and also you are very stupid. You don't know anything about cd keys at all you fricking moron. PSN, LIVE, STEAM HAS DIFFERENT POLICY FOR SELLING GAMES! you seriously need to understand because you are lying to yourself. You have no proof at all and also please read my comment again because you are literally so damn stupid that I sad other CD KEYS not PSN nor LIVE, Go fix your brain and also I'm blocking you for your stupidity, you idiot. You and your peoples are idiots because you don't know anything about game sales and you definitely don't know how selling policy works ya dumbass.

+ Steam, LIVE, PSN and other CD key stores have DIFFERENT RULES.

+ My last comment for you. Please don't talk to me like you know something because you don't know anything. You are just lonely 10 years old boy who is sitting he's mom's basement and arguing to me like a baby, get over yourself.

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@sellingthings: I have never seen it lower this is the standard sale price it's getting kinda ridiculous as we head into 2018.

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@muppetbabymastr: it's literally $30 on PS4 Store right now.