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Latest Humble Bundle Features 7 Survival Games For $15

If you missed survival gems such as State of Decay 2 and The Long Dark, the Survival Instinct Humble Bundle has you covered for $15.


Humble Bundle has launched the Survival Instinct Game Bundle, which bands together a total of $170 value across seven games for $15.

As opposed to other recent bundles, the minimum tier of $15 includes Steam codes for all seven games. Whether you're looking for a survival challenge or just want to spend time with friends gathering resources and taking down zombies, you're bound to find a new experience to spend dozens of hours in.

The Survival Instinct Game Bundle is led by State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition, which includes all add-on packs to date, as well as acting as the definitive experience for newcomers. If you're looking to venture into the wild and survive winter, the gorgeous vistas of The Long Dark are also included with its Survival Edition.

For those looking for more challenging experiences, Devolver Digital's SCUM and Chernobylite: Enhanced Edition are bound to scratch that ich. And for some experiences that might have flown under the radar, you'll also get your hands on Volcanoids, SurrounDead, and Starsand. Just make sure to have plenty of supplies at the ready before embarking on any of them.

While you're taking a peek at the Survival Instinct Game Bundle, you should also check out the Hidden Gems From 2022 bundle, which compiles up to seven games for only $23.

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