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Humble Bundle Offers 61 Doctor Who Comics For $25

Get a huge batch of Doctor Who stories from across the entire series in Humble's latest comics bundle.


Doctor Who is a series with a ton of history and unique stories thanks to the universe-spanning, time-hopping adventures of its protagonist, the Doctor, and the frequent regeneration that shapes them into a new character every so often. While the franchise is best known for the long-running BBC series, there are also many comics that expand on the Whoniverse, and you can get a ton of them on the cheap in ebook form with Humble's Doctor Who Megabundle. The bundle includes comics based on the modern iterations of the Doctor, starting with the show's return in 2009 up to its most recent series, and also includes a few stories reaching back into the older seasons that ran between the 1960s and '80s. With this bundle deal, you can snag up to 61 Doctor Who comics if you pay at least $25, but there are also cheaper bundle tiers if you just want a few.

Paying $1 gets you the first tier, which includes the first four comic volumes of stories featuring the Tenth Doctor, played in the show by David Tennant. This is perfect for anyone who wants to see what the series is all about.

If you kick your payment up to at least $10, you get 19 comics. This includes the four books in the $1 tier, plus six more volumes of the Tenth Doctor's storyline, and three volumes featuring a crossover between the Tenth Doctor and Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor.

The full $25 tier, includes 61 comics covering select volumes featuring the Ninth through Fifteenth Doctors, as well as a few stories about the older versions of the time-hopping hero. You can check out the full lineup of everything included in the Doctor Who Megabundle over at Humble. And as usual, you can also dictate how much of what you pay goes to charity as part of the bundle. With the Doctor Who Megabundle, you can donate to BBC Children in Need, which supports children in need in the United Kingdom.

Humble's Doctor Who Comics Megabundle is a great way to dive into the franchise, but it's only available through May 29, so be sure to grab this before it's gone. You'll probably also notice that it's not a comprehensive collection--quite a few volumes are missing that you'll want to grab elsewhere. Luckily, several volumes are on sale at Amazon, including a few hardcover editions, that can supplement your collection if you're looking for even more Doctor Who stories.

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