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Humankind Gets New Gameplay Trailer At The Game Awards

Sega’s upcoming 4X strategy game will let you create your own “persistent avatar.”


Tucked into the fifth annual Game Awards was a brand-new trailer for Amplitude Studios and Sega’s upcoming turn-based strategy game, Humankind, giving a sense of the stories you'll create in the strategy game, through both war and peace.

The latest trailer, below, is only the second one following Humankind’s announcement during Gamescom in August 2019. It provides insight into the 4X (Explore, Expand, Exploit, and Exterminate) turn-based strategy game, including some new features like the addition of an avatar creator. The trailer also showcases the game’s land and naval battle systems.

But the headlining feature of the new trailer is the inclusion of an avatar creator, which is a “persistent” part of the Humankind experience. According to a press release, your created avatar will “evolve visually over the course of the game according to the way you play, the achievements you earn, and the way you develop your cultures and civilizations.” You can unlock custom looks for your avatar by leveling them up through a “meta-progression system” and take them online to compete against your friends and enemies in multiplayer matches.

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Amplitude said “much more" information will be divulged next year, but no approximation as to when these announcements will be made was provided. For now, check out some new Humankind screenshots below.

Humankind is slated to launch on PC in 2020. We saw a demo of the turn-based strategy game in October 2019, where we said, “Amplitude maintains that there's a lot of affection for humankind in Humankind, and we’re curious to see where it takes us, complete with the triumphs and foibles of our own history.”

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